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Will Lady Loki aka Sylvie Get a Spinoff Series?

Will Lady Loki aka Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino), get a draw spin-off the MCU?

Before starting the discussion, for those of you who may not have watched the Loki series until now, be careful. Because this discussion contains HEAVY SPOILERS!!!

A Brief About Lady Loki

Debut through episode 2 of the series Loki entitled The Variantfemale Loki figure aka fans call it, Lady Loki (Di Martino), success surprised us all. Because at the beginning of his debut, he was determined to destroy Time Variance Authority (TVA).

And in episode 3 which just aired June 23, 2022, entitled Lamentis, it was revealed that her name was Sylvie. And the reason why he wants to destroy TVA is because he has a grudge with TVA who turned his ex-lover into variant.

Well, here it is also revealed that everyone who works in TVA includes supervisor Loki (Tom Hiddleston), Mobius M. Mobius (Owen Wilson), is basically an ordinary human who was turned into a variant.

Now seeing Sylvie’s disclosure, no doubt we are even more curious about Sylvie’s past story. And we also feel curious, will the MCU produce a series spin-off specifically to tell this woman Loki’s past?

Don’t Know Anything

Loki Sylvie 2 Ee49a8c7dd54bea0d6d6d3229bdf8294
Loki & Sylvie | ©Disney Platform Distribution

Answer this question to Deadline, DiMartino said that he knew nothing about this. Furthermore, according to him, even if they (Disney) plan to do so, then he has not received any information. Yes, it’s also possible that Di Martino is lying to avoid spoilers.

But regardless of whether this statement is honest or not, it seems that there is no need for a draw spin-off again that specifically tells Sylvia this. After all, the whole story of the past (background), can really be told slowly in the first season Loki this.

After all as we heard, the plan Loki there will be a second season. Well, logically, Sylvie’s character could appear again. And the story of his past will be told further and in more detail. It really can. So yes, I think again, there’s really no need.

But at the same time, even if it’s a draw later spin-off There will be, I don’t mind either. As long as it’s good and fun to tell. Alias, don’t charge. But what do you think about yourself?