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Will FF be deleted in Indonesia? This is the Fact!

The Free Fire game was first released in Indonesia in 2022. As a Battle Royale game whose main target is the lower middle class, this game immediately has many players in a short time. However, since it became popular, there have been many rumors saying that Free Fire (FF) will be removed.

Every year there are always things that make this game controversial. For example, in 2022, the Aceh Ulama Consultative Council (MPU) issued a fatwa that the Free Fire game is an illegal game. This arose over an act of terrorism in Cihshtuch, New Zealand.

Viral Free Fire Push Up Emot

Freestyle prostration
Freestyle prostration | Video_Medsos

Recently, the Free Fire game has become a public discussion again. The reason is that one of the emotes in Free Fire is misused by small children. There are many videos circulating on social media showing that the little boys demonstrate the Emote Push Up FF when they are about to pray, the movement is also known as “freestyle prostration”.

Because of this, a YouTuber named Fiqi Amd made a petition to block FF in Indonesia. According to him, Free Fire has had a bad influence on the nation’s generation. He suggested to Kominfo and MUI to give punishment to Garena.

The petition was immediately stormed and signed by hundreds of thousands of people. So that makes a lot of content creators and FF players nervous and a little worried, if it’s true that FF will be deleted in Indonesia.

FF Will Be Deleted?

FF will be deleted
FF will be deleted | Pinterest

Sure enough, many rumors have sprung up and say that FF will be deleted in the near future. These rumors are widely spread on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media. According to the rumor, FF will be deleted on June 18, 2022.

Garena immediately clarified the news that it was a hoax and no FF would be deleted in Indonesia. There are many reasons why FF will not be deleted in Indonesia, some of which are because this game has made Indonesia famous internationally.

An even more reasonable reason is that many people have depended on their livelihood by becoming professional players and content creators of this game. So for those of you fans of the FF game, you don’t have to worry anymore about rumors that the Free Fire game will be abolished.

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