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Will Add OP, This Hero Fighter Will Get Buff Again!

Will Add OP, This Hero Fighter Will Get Buff Again!

Some Fighter heroes seem to be experiencing buffs, one of which is this hero. This hero may indeed be being strengthened to return to the meta as before.

This Hero Fighter dimmed due to nerf which made it no longer strong. In addition, the presence of many new, stronger fighters further adds to the suffering of this Fighter hero. Can you guess who?

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Buff Hero Fighter Leomord

Leomord mobile legends
Photo via WallpaperAccess

That’s right, he is Leomord, a hero who was once a mainstay in the meta. Even this hero is often used by Lemon when he was still strong.

Good news for Leomord users, because the buff is quite high.

Basic Attack

  • Critical Damage increased from 180% to 200%
  • Lifesteal ratio increased from 60% to 100%

Skill 1

  • Maximum Physical Attack Bonus increased from 140% to 180%


  • Additional Defense increased from 40-60 to 40-80

The buff looks very large, especially for the basic attack which is Leomord’s main weapon. Of course, with this ratio, Leomord will be even more crazy in the new patch later. You could say it will be similar to when it was released early or when it was at its peak.

However, in terms of skill, nothing is revamped, of course Leomord will still rely heavily on Ultimate to provide maximum damage.

It’s worth waiting for how strong Leomord will be in the new patch later. At least it could be an option maybe as a damager, it could be a jungler like Roger or Goldlaner’s choice. Because as an Explaner it might be hard to fight strong tanks at this time.

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