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Why FF Max Maintenance? This is the reason!

Why FF Max Maintenance? Free Fire loyal gamers, especially Free Fire Max, are now looking for the reason why Free Fire Max is back in server maintenance. As we already know, it was only yesterday that Free Fire Max was released on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Since its launch, many problems have occurred with Free Fire Max. Starting from players who can’t log in, often log out by themselves, and various other problems that can’t be mentioned one by one.

For this reason, Garena as the publisher or the party in charge of Free Fire Max, is again holding Server Maintenance. So, what is the real reason behind this additional Maintenance Server? Come on, find out the reason through the following review.

Garena Announces Additional Server Fixes

why ff max maintenance
Free Fire Max | Garena

Before knowing what is the reason behind why FF Max Maintenance. Garena announced yesterday via Instagram at @freefirebgid that they are currently carrying out an additional Server Update or Maintenance Server for Free Fire Max. This is done to fix the current problem.

Then, this invites various positive and negative reactions from the players. In the post on @freefirebgid, some players said “if you’re not ready, don’t release”. In addition, there were those who asked Garena to immediately complete the Maintenance process.

Many players have deleted Free Fire Originals in order to be able to install Free Fire Max. So they asked Garena to quickly complete this server repair process.

Garena also added that pre-registered prizes can be claimed by players after the global server has actually been opened. This means that new rewards will be available after all global server fixes have been fixed.

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Why FF Max Maintenance?

why ff max maintenance
FF Max | Garena

The time is now to discuss the reasons behind the additional maintenance on Free Fire Max. There are many reasons behind this maintenance process. If they refer to Garena’s statement, they reason that this Maintenance process is to provide the highest quality of service.

This means that what is meant here is that Garena is trying to fix the problems that are happening with Free Fire Max. As previously mentioned, many players experience being unable to log in, frequently exiting the game on their own, and various other problems.

Well, the process to fix these various problems, well through this Maintenance. With the maintenance process, it is hoped that the problems currently being experienced by players can be resolved. In addition, this is also done to maximize the Free Fire Max server so that there are no more problems.


Well, that was the discussion about the reasons behind why FF Max Maintenance. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment below. Keep visiting Dafunda Game so you don’t miss other interesting information about Free Fire Tips from us.