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Who is the original character of FF Luqueta?

Who is the original character of FF Luqueta?

In the big update of FF OB23 at the end of last July, Free Fire has released a lot of new things for the followers of this game!

One of the new things that many players have been anticipating is the newest character named Luqueta.

Luqueta is a character who is a footballer, and knows Garena, most of the characters they create are based on real people.

The same goes for Luqueta too! In this article, we will discuss who the original character of FF Luqueta is.

Luqueta in real life

FF Luqueta characters

It turns out that Luqueta is a character inspired by the famous Brazilian football player named Lucas Paqueta.

For Spinners who like to follow developments in the football world, maybe some of you know the figure of Lucas Paqueta.

Previously, the new FF character was rumored to get the name Lucas, before finally getting the official name Luqueta. And apparently, the name is a combination of Lucas and Paqueta.

About Lucas Paqueta

FF Luqueta characters

Lucas Paqueta is a football athlete who gained his popularity while playing for Brazilian club Flamengo.

At the age of 19, Paqueta has been selected in the Brazil national team squad for the 2022 World Cup.

Of course his success at Flamengo caught the attention of many European clubs, and finally Paqueta joined AC Milan in 2022 for $35 million!

Luqueta character inspiration

If Spinners have seen the shape of Luqueta’s character in Free Fire, you could say that the face and design of the character resembles the figure of Lucas Paqueta himself.

Both of them had short side hair as well as thin mustaches and beards. Luqueta also has a broad body like Paqueta too.

How to get Luqueta characters

FF Luqueta characters

Currently, the way to get Luqueta’s character is to buy the Luqueta Character Box which can be found in the Free Fire shop.

You can buy the crate for 50 diamonds, and you will get Luqueta characters and other prizes!

This is the real character of the FF Luqueta character! Don’t forget to keep visiting our website, to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook!