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When will FF Update in September 2022? This is the date

When will FF update in 2022 September 2022? This question is currently being discussed a lot by the Free Fire player community in Indonesia. Many players still don’t know the exact date when Free Fire will carry out a massive update in September 2022.

In a game, the update process is a very important process to do. In addition to adding new content in the game. In this update process, developers will usually make various kinds of improvements, be it server repairs, bugs, and glitches.

In Free Fire itself, Garena as the publisher of Free Fire always updates Free Fire every month. Last month in August 2022, Garena made a special FF update regarding the Free Fire 4th Anniversary event. As for September 2022, when will they update?

To answer this question, here we have provided a complete review for all of you.

When will FF Update in September 2022?

when will ff update in september 2021
Free Fire | Garena

The first thing we will discuss is the exact date of the next Free Fire update. Based on the rumors circulating, it is stated that Garena will update this on September 28. The update is named the 0B30 Free Fire Update.

However, regarding what content will be released, Garena still hasn’t notified him. But it is certain that there will be many new things that they will present for the update in September 2022. These updates are also worth waiting for for now.

Most recently, Garena has confirmed that in October 2022, they will collaborate with Venom. And according to information circulating, there will be an event that will win a Venom FF bundle. In addition to the bundle, there is also a leak that says there will be a special Venom skin in Incubator FF.

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Free Fire Max Release September 28, 2022

when will ff update in september 2021
Free Fire | Garena

In addition to information about when FF will be updated in September 2022. There is one more news that is quite encouraging for Free Fire players. Namely, on September 28, 2022, Garena will release Free Fire Max globally, including in Indonesia as well. Free Fire Max is an upgraded version of the Free Fire Original that you usually play.

In Free Fire Max, Garena has said that they will add many new elements to support a more interesting playing experience. There are many additions that Garena has prepared, especially in terms of visuals and graphics, which will change a lot.

According to Garena, the visuals and graphics of Free Fire Max have been maximized, right, so it will feel real and realistic. In addition, Free Fire Max is also supported by many new features that are ready to spoil the players.

That’s the discussion about When FF Update in 2022 September. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment below. Keep visiting Dafunda Game so you don’t miss other interesting information about Free Fire Tips from us.