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When will FF Max complete registration? Here is the answer

When will FF Max complete registration? The answer to this question is very important for Free Fire players to know. The reason is, with the completion of FF Max registration, then the release schedule is getting very close. The release of Free Fire Max has been eagerly awaited by players in Indonesia.

Indonesia is the main base for Free Fire players. So, don’t be surprised if the enthusiasm of players in welcoming Free Fire Max is so great. Free Fire Max is promised to provide a better playing experience than the original version of Free Fire. Many improvements are presented by Garena in this FF Max.

Until now, Garena is still opening registrations for Free Fire Max, both on the Play Store and the App Store. However, when will this registration be completed? To answer this question, let’s look at the following review.

When will FF Max complete registration?

when does ff max finish registration
FF Max | Garena

To answer when the registration for FF Max is complete, we must first know the release date of this game. A few days ago, Garena officially announced that Free Fire Max will be released on Tuesday, September 28, 2022. As for the registration itself, it has been going on since August 29, 2022.

Looking at the release schedule which will fall on Tuesday, September 28, 2022. So it has been confirmed that today, Monday, September 27, 2022, is the deadline for FF Max registration. Regarding the clock itself, it might be up to 00.00 WIB in the morning. So for those of you who haven’t registered yet, register now.

This FF Max pre-registration registration is very important for you to do. Because there are so many benefits that can be received. One of them is that you don’t need to check every time when FF Max will be released on the Play Store.

Because if you have pre-registered, the system will automatically download FF Max on the Play Store when it’s time for it to be released.

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Get Bundle After Registering

when does ff max finish registration
FF Max | Garena

Well, you already know when FF Max completes registration, the next thing you need to know is about the prizes behind the FF Max pre-registration registration. So after pre-registering for FF Max, Garena has promised that players will get two special bundles.

The following are gifts that you can receive after pre-registering FF Max:

  1. Additional Rewards, in this additional prize you will get 3 bundles, namely MAX Raychaser (Female), Cyber ​​MAX Loot Box, and Cyber ​​MAX Skyboard. Each of these bundles will be distributed every time the Free Fire Max pre-registration milestones are full and after you have successfully invited friends to register as well.
  2. Special Gift, this prize will be distributed to players who have successfully invited many friends to pre-register. The 10 players with the most invites have the opportunity to get a Raycather MAX budle (male).


That’s the discussion about When FF Completes Registration. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment below. Keep visiting Dafunda Game so you don’t miss other interesting information about Free Fire Tips from us.