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When the Former President of Nintendo America Was Suspected of a Security Guard at E3

The COVID-19 pandemic has successfully postponed many annual events, one of which is E3. Talking about E3, there is a funny incident experienced by the former president of Nintendo America, Reggie. He is indeed famous for having many funny moments so that there are many memes that discuss him.

Well, one of those funny moments happened a few years ago when he attended the E3 event. He was once mistaken for a security crew or security guard at the E3 event. he shared this experience on the Podcast Talking Games With Reggie and Harold.

The incident started when Reggie, who was wearing a suit with a black t-shirt, stood up and looked at the crowd of visitors and some of the staff who were pacing around doing something. “Everyone must have an ID in order to be allowed into their work area”; Reggie said as he stood up making sure all the staff wore their IDs. Then suddenly one of the staff members approached him and showed his ID to Reggie. Apparently the staff thought Reggie was one of the security crew there.

Of course, the funny moment became a special memory for the former President of Nintendo of America. You can watch the full story in the podcast above.