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When Developers Turn Notepad Into RPG Games

Who is not familiar with the Notepad application? Windows default text application which is usually used to take notes, the installation stage of a program. Who would have thought, a developer with the username Sheepolution turned the Notepad into an RPG game.

The Notepad game called “And yet it hurt” is a fantasy adventure game based entirely on .txt files. You will later be given a choice where the choices you have chosen will affect the storyline of the game. A game that combines the “choose your adventure” genre in the style of DOS games with puzzle and RPG elements, which will give you a unique gaming experience.


How to play the game is quite easy. Generally, players only give the command “X” on the choice that you think is correct. Every now and then players are required to change certain parameters to do combat. And to continue the next session, players can select the “save” button or press ctrl+s.

How are you gamezero friends? if interested you can download it for free on