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What's Wrong with MNET? And Why is MNET Hated and Called a Snake?

What’s wrong with MNET – For those of you who really like Kpop, of course, you are not familiar with the name Mnet, while Mnet itself is not a boyband or girl band as you imagine. Instead, it is a provider of South Korean entertainment shows, be it music, awards or other programs.

However, there was a call that was so negative and it was dubbed directly by Kpopers fans, regarding the existence of Mnet, they usually call it a very striking connotation name, namely the “Mnet Snake” network.

Of course, for those who are hearing this for the first time, it is very strange why the network from Mnet can also be called Mnet as a Snake, is it really that venomous? Or is there another meaning. Let’s find out what causes it.

You can follow all the answers here, in a concise manner and of course practically all you have to do is read it until it’s finished. If you are indeed one of the true Kpopers, you must have been very curious, right?

Why is Mnet Called Snake?

Then what is Mnet, is it a humor show or a reality show? Mnet is a private television station located in South Korea.

And his work activities provide treats in the form of Korean entertainment shows, especially about entertainment for the local community such as Music, Drama, Colossal and so on.

Whereas in Indonesia the existence of Mnet is even called the Snake, really the residents of +62 are clearly very different and so unique.

The main reason for being called Mnet Snake, is because they often make the viewers feel annoyed and seem strange to Mnet.

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What’s Up with Mnet

What's Up with Mnet

Some viewers who lack respect for the programs presented by Mnet, openly always call him the word Mnet Snake because it always provides content with strange content and smells of SARA. So that it is less comfortable for the people here, especially Indonesian Muslims.

However, it’s not just the +62 residents who don’t really like the program from Mnet South Korea, but also many people from other countries who don’t like it to the point of giving a firm protest aimed directly at the managers of Mnet Entertainment International.

Because Mnet itself by its creators, or also including its editors, often provides broadcasts in the form of entertainment that invite controversy. And of course to provoke the anger of the audience, you just listen to our discussion and continue to follow the ridiculous behavior of programs broadcast by the Mnet International network.

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Why is Mnet Hated?

The main reason why Korea’s Mnet International network is hated is because it provides a low-quality broadcast, leading to the realm of harassment of one of the best religions in the world that teaches goodness. And a noble character, namely Islam Rahmatan Lilalamin.

You can check directly some of the shows, regarding the sound of the Adhan Remix as a form of welcoming the Street Woman Fighter Event. It is clear that this has entered the realm of harassment of religious freedom, and Islam is made into a joke and demeans the dignity of the Muslims.

It is certain that Muslims around the world will be furious, just like the lack of creativity of the managers of South Korea’s Mnet. Meanwhile, the entertainment world, whether it’s music, awards and the like, still has so many concepts. Without having to insinuate, or offend the habits that have been done by most Muslims. Who really appreciates the sound of the call to prayer as a form of prayer. South Korea’s Mnet in the end many rejected it.

Mnet’s Azan Remix

You can listen to the Mnet Remix Azan sound at the beginning at 00:57 to 1:40 minutes, at the Street Woman Fighter event and broadcast live by South Korean private television on the Snake Mnet Network.

Even though the condition in the call to prayer has been changed to a remix, it can still be heard until it is very clear that the sound that is playing is indeed the real call to prayer that has been harassed by Mnet Entertainment.

And now as a result of the event, the Muslim community around the world has begun to speak out via social media, carrying out a massive protest attack against the South Korean Mnet television management. The protests were initially echoed on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and also with Instagram.

The proof is the trending hashtags around the world, on internet access, namely #MNETDisrespectAdzan, #ADZANBUKANMAINAN, #Mnetaplogize (on the channel on Twitter). Hopefully, Mnet will open their hearts, so that in the future they will no longer provide programs that smell SARA, whether it’s about certain religions, or with the culture of other citizens in this world.

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The final word

Those were some brief explanations that Admin could convey, regarding What’s wrong with MNET? Why is it hated & called Snake? Let’s be wiser. And if you want to protest, use it in a good and right way.