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What Will Be Lost If Free Fire (FF) Reset Season?

What Will Be Lost If Free Fire (FF) Reset Season?

News about Free Fire’s plan to reset their game back to season 1 has spread like a forest fire.

Although Garena has not confirmed or denied these rumors, many FF players are starting to panic and feel very worried about this.

This is because Free Fire is currently undergoing its 27th Elite Pass Season, and in less than a week it will enter its 28th season.

FF which is now 3 years old has more than 500 million players, and surely many of them already have a lot of things that they have collected from previous seasons.

With the news that Garena will reset the FF game to season 1 again, many FF players, new and veteran, are worried about their account situation.

Will they lose their collection? In this article, SPIN Esports will discuss what will be lost if FF resets the season.

What can be lost from your FF account if you Reset Season?

FF reset Season

From the information obtained in the FF facebook group, if Free Fire (FF) is really going to reset the game back to season 1, FF players will lose all the skins they already have from their vault or collection.

There is no further explanation whether the skins that will be lost are only weapon skins or also the clothes you have for your character, but it looks like this will apply to both.

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If players lose all their skins, this means that when they play in classic or ranked mode, all players will wear the same clothes, namely the basic FF outfit.

What about FF characters?

FF reset Season
FF character base skin

So far, there is no information regarding the loss of FF characters as well if the game will be reset again.

So if FF will return to season 1 again, players will still be able to use their characters along with their skills.

This is what will be lost if Free Fire will reset the game back to season 1! Of course, we have to wait for Garena’s announcement first to see if this will actually happen or not.

So for now, Spinners don’t need to panic because FF is now still as usual! Don’t forget to keep visiting our website, to get the latest eSports news and follow our Facebook & Instagram @SPIN_Esports!