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What to do if you meet a toxic player on PUBG Mobile?

Some ways for you to meet toxic players in PUBG Mobile!

PUBG Mobile has started worldwide since its initial release, and has become a booming Battle Royale game.

Because of that, more and more players can play this game, and we as solo players should often meet random people.

Don’t be surprised if you will find a lot of toxic players in this battle royale game, because the servers are already very large.

We are playing on the Asian server, meaning that there will be many countries in Asia that can meet us like Malaysia, Myanmar, Singaporeeven Nepali, Pakistani, and others.

Playing too badly will give birth to toxic players who happen to be on the same team as us, usually marked by speaking rudely, and playing irregularly.

Here we will give you tips if you meet a toxic player in PUBG Mobile!

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How to Deal with Toxic Players in PUBG Mobile!

Mute Your Voice Team!

For toxic players who have been found to be toxic from the start of the game loudly, and always say harsh words, it’s a good idea to mute him.

Next to the map there is a button to open your voice team, and you can choose which players you want to mute, or you can mute all of them.

This applies to toxic players who are only toxic through words, and not from gameplay.

Split With Them and Play Solo!

PUBG Mobile Scout Role

If indeed their gameplay is very toxic after you mute them, then you can choose to play alone and part with them.

This is because if you leave, your rank points will decrease because you leave the match before it is finished.

Behavior that you can usually see for toxic players, such as always interfering with your loot, shooting unclear weapons, throwing grenades carelessly, and others.

Kill Them, Sacrifice Your Merits!

Tips on this one actually not truebut some people are willing to sacrifice some of their merits to be able to play in peace.

Usually players who are already annoyed can throw grenades or Molotov cocktails at the toxic player to knock them out.

But this will certainly reduce your merit, because you killed one of your friends.

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So, those are some tips for you if you play with toxic players, and we hope that you don’t run into players like that.

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