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What's New In Mobile Legends Update Patch 1.3.14

Mobile Legend Update Patch 1.3.14 has arrived, Check out the latest changes and feature additions in Mobile Legends.

1. Jungling
Increase the difficulty level of Monster Jungle which should be able to encourage players to do Lane during the Early Game. So at the beginning of the game at least 2 people are needed to be able to do Jungle. Even Hero Assassin will not be able to Jungle at the beginning of the game.

2. Battle Spell
The newest Battle Spell is Revenge and Weaken, now Weaken is referred to as Scout.

3. Emblem
Healing Hand has now been redesigned as Avarice, which deals an additional 10 Gold after dealing damage to enemy heroes, with a cooldown of 2 seconds.

4. optimization Connection
Developer has optimized Server and increased network level in South East Asia and South America.

5. Hero new
Thamuz – Lord Lava, is here and Leomord – Hell Knight is coming in early October.

6. Season end more beginning
Developers will deliberately end this season a little earlier, namely on September 25.

7. The big event is coming on September 25th, stay tuned!