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What is Awakening Shard Free Fire / FF?

Free Fire just carried out maintenance or repairs some time ago. After that, many complained about their account not being able to login and so on. Now that problem has been resolved and there is another topic, namely Awakening Shard FF on Free Fire.

Junebe many of you have discussed it with friends who also play FF. It’s also possible that someone will find out through an explanation video made by Youtuber Free Fire. But, for those of you who still don’t understand and want to know about it, Dafunda Game will explain what an awakening shard ff is and how to use it on Free Fire. Therefore, let’s see the discussion until it’s finished.

What is Awakening Shard Free Fire / FF

Free Fire Awakening Shard Items
Awakening Shard Free Fire Items | Funda

Awakening Shard is an item that can be used to increase the ability of Free Fire characters. You could say, this item is similar to a character puzzle when you want to level up your character. Only, for this one item can be used for character awakening.

Currently, only Kelly can awaken. But it’s possible and sure to happen, other characters will have their own awakening shards.

As we said above, this Awakening Shard FF can improve character performance, including getting new skills. In addition, Kelly’s (for now) awakened character will have a cooler look than usual.

How to Get Awakening Shard FF

Awakening Shard Kelly Ff
Awakening Shard Kelly FF | Funda

After knowing what an awakening shard is and its function, of course you also want to know, right, how to get it. Well, actually there is currently a mission that you can complete to get this item.

But the first condition you have to complete is that you must have Kelly’s character. You can buy it with diamond or gold.

Well, after that you can see the missions given to Kelly’s character. Here are the missions that you must complete to get the Awakening Shard:

  • Must Run 400KM while playing
  • Defeat as many as 200 players
  • Get Booyah 20 times
  • Complete the game 100 times in either squad or duo mode

From the mission given above, it does seem quite easy. Even people who are not very good at it can still complete the mission.

How to Use Awakening Shard Free Fire

Well, after completing all the missions, you will get 125 fragments. These fragments can later be exchanged for The Swift items. The Swift itself is a special clothing item that is only used for this character.

After using it, Kelly will have a new, cooler outfit with a combination of yellow and red. In addition, when entering the game using Kelly, he will show new moves. Plus, with this awakening, Kelly’s character will become even stronger.

Well, that’s a little explanation of our Awakening Shard FF and how to use it. If you play Free Fire regularly, these missions can be completed without you even realizing it. Hopefully, other characters will get their awakening in the near future. For those of you who want to know how to redeem the Free Fire code, click the button below.

We will continue to share tips, tutorials and the latest news about games. Therefore, keep an eye on Dafunda Game, OK!