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What is Assault Rifle FF? This is the full explanation

What is Assault Rifle FF? This question is currently viral among Free Fire players. The reason is, there are still many who don’t know what an Assault Rifle is. Especially the little ones and novice players who play this game.

Well, in this discussion, Dafunda Game will discuss what an Assault Rifle weapon is in Free Fire. Instead of you being curious and really curious about the discussion, let’s see this review until it’s finished.

What is Assault Rifle FF?

What is Assault Rifle FF
Free Fire | Garena

Assault Rifle is one of the weapons in the Free Fire game. Assault Rifle weapons are also referred to as assault rifles that have quite high damage. Assault Rifle is often shortened to AR weapon. There are lots of AR weapons in Free Fire, for example like Scar-L, M416, and many more.

AR Free Fire weapons are very easy to use both for long and close range. Then because of its usefulness, this weapon is a favorite of many Free Fire players. Each AR weapon has its own advantages.

In several other Battle Royale games such as PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile, and others, AR weapons are quite dominant weapons. Especially for weapons like AKM and M416, these two weapons are AR weapons that often appear in every other Battle Royale or FPS game.

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AR FF Weapon Recommendations

After you know what Assault Rifle FF is, now we will recommend to you about the strongest AR weapon in Free Fire. The following are the strongest AR weapons in Free Fire:


AN94 | Garena

This weapon is an AR FF weapon with the highest damage. You don’t need to doubt the power of the weapon. AN94 can be used in various conditions, both medium and long distance.

But the problem with this weapon is its fairly large recoil. However, if you are good at controlling the recoil of this weapon, it is certain that the AN94 will be a deadly weapon.


What is Assault Rifle Ff
M60 | Garena

The second weapon that we recommend is an AR weapon called the M60. This weapon has such great damage. In addition to high damage, this weapon is also capable of storing a very large number of bullets, which is around 60 bullets.

However, behind all these advantages, the M60 has a weakness. That is, it cannot be used for long distances, because the accuracy of the M60 is very low. So if you want to use this weapon, you can use it at close or medium range.


Ak Ff
AK | Garena

The last weapon we recommend for you to use is the AK. AK is an AR weapon that many people know. This weapon is an original weapon made in the Soviet Union in 1949. The main advantage of this weapon is that its damage is quite high, making it quite fast to use to eradicate the enemy.

But, unfortunately this weapon has a weakness, namely the recoil rate is very large. You go the extra mile to use it. If you are good at it, then this weapon is also quite effective for long distance use.

Well, that’s the discussion about what Assault Rifle FF is. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment below. Keep visiting Dafunda Game so you don’t miss other Free Fire Tips from us.