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What does Offlaner Mobile Legends mean? Here's the full explanation

As a Mobile Legends player, have you ever asked, what does Offlaner Mobile Legends mean?

Junebe some players, especially players who are seniors in playing Mobile Legends already know the meaning or definition of Offlaner Mobile Legends. But not for novice players. Surely they are still confused to interpret Offlaner Mobile Legends.

But, this time you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Because Dafunda Game on this occasion will discuss the complete definition of Offlaner Mobile Legends. Want to know how to explain? So take a look at the following review.

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Meaning of Offlaner Mobile Legends

mobile legends offlaner meaning
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Offlaner Mobile Legends is one of the most important roles in the Mobile Legends game. The job of an offlaner is to maintain sidelane EXP. Usually the role offlaner will be occupied by a hero with a strong strength for 1 on 1. Most ML players will use a fighter or tank hero in that role.

In addition to 1 vs 1, if you are able, you will face two opposing heroes at once. This means that in this position you have to survive 1 vs 2 against enemy heroes. Hero offlaner is also not too concerned with farming. The main focus of an offlaner is to maintain a guarded tower.

Most players who have become offlaners themselves are players who already understand the Mobile Legends game. So indeed to become a pro offlaner, you must have qualified abilities. Offlaner has another task, namely as a war opener or initiator.

Advantages of Having a Reliable Offlaner

Mobile Legends
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After understanding the meaning of offlaner in Mobile Legends, now it is advantageous if our team has a reliable offlaner. In a team, we should have one person who must be able to act as an offlaner. His role is very crucial in the team to win the game.

Well, for that, here are some of the advantages that you will get if you have a reliable offlaner in the team:

  1. Turtle will be very easy to get.
  2. Safelane will be awake, because it is certain that there will be three heroes who will guard the lane.
  3. The midlaner will not be left alone, meaning the offlaner will faithfully help the midlaner in the mid lane area to win the battle with the enemy.
  4. Make it easier to win if there has been a war.
  5. The enemy tower in the safelane is very easy to destroy.

Offlaner Mobile Legends Tasks

Mobile Legends
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As explained earlier, we have mentioned some of the Mobile Legends offlaner tasks. However, this time we will explain it in more detail and in detail. The meaning of the offlaner in Mobile Legends is indeed important, but it will be useless if you don’t know the duties of the offlaner.

Here are the tasks of Offlaner Mobile Legends:

  1. Play solo in EXP Lane, constantly trying to guard the turret and destroy the enemy turrets in front of him.
  2. The offlaner hero must be able to help the midlaner on the sidelines of his fight to defend the Turrret in EXP Lane.
  3. Offlaner is an initiator to open a war in the middle of the game.
  4. Serves as a powerful secondary tank to withstand enemy attacks.

Those are some of the main tasks of a Mobile Legends offlaner. If you want to become a reliable offlaner, then you must be able to apply the four tasks above well. So that way you can help your team to win quite easily.

Recommended Hero Offlaner Mobile Legends

It feels incomplete when discussing the meaning of Offlaner Mobile Legends, if not with the recommendations of the best offlaner heroes for you to use. Here are some heroes that we recommend for you to use in the game:


mobile legends offlaner meaning
Chou | Moonton

It’s clear, Chou is one of the heroes that is very often used by many players as a hero offlaner in Mobile Legends. Chou has considerable damage and defense, so he is very useful when used as an offlaner. Not only that, Chou is also known to be immune to the effects of enemy crowd control.


Esmeralda | Moonton

Next is Esmeralda, this female hero is a mage as well as a tank who has high endurance. This hero is known for having a fairly thick Shield, making it difficult to redeem. Therefore, we recommend this hero for you to use.


Lapu Lapu
Lapu Lapu | Moonton

If you want to have a hero with another big damage from a fighter hero, you can try Lapi-Lapu. Yes, that’s right, Lapu-Lapu is a hero with a high spell vamp, sick burst damage, and high durability. Lapu-Lapu is also able to survive in a 1 vs 2 situation.

So that was the discussion about the meaning of Offlaner Mobile Legends. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment below. Continue to visit Dafunda Game so you don’t miss other interesting information about Mobile Legends Tips from us.