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What Does FF Config Really Mean? This is the full explanation

Many still don’t know what Config FF really means. Config Free Fire is something that is very closely related to the Free Fire game. For gamers who have played a lot of games for a long time, you must be familiar with the term config.

Meanwhile, Free Fire itself is a very popular battle royale game in Indonesia. So the development of the game config is very fast. In the Free Fire game, we can play in various modes, namely solo, duo, and squad. Which, we can play these various modes online of course.

For ordinary gamers, they certainly do not understand what is meant by config. But, don’t worry, in the discussion this time, Dafunda Game will thoroughly explore what exactly is meant by the Free Fire game config. For those of you who are already curious about the discussion, so see the review below until it’s finished.

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What Does FF Config Mean?

the meaning of config ff
Free Fire | Garena

First of all, you must know in advance what config stands for. Config itself has an abbreviation, namely configuration which means something to modify or change an application. So, in the case of the Free Fire game, we change or modify the game through a config.

Usually in a FF config it contains various kinds of scripts that are made for the purpose of modifying the game. Therefore, the Free Fire game config is very much sought after by players, because of its very useful function. In addition to modifying the game, the Free Fire config is usually also used to cheat.

FF Config Types

the meaning of config ff
Free Fire | Garena

For the types themselves, there are many, various websites and YouTube channels share this Free Fire config for free. Well, that’s also why the Free Fire config develops quickly among players.

Several types of Free Fire configs that are popular in Indonesia include anti-lag config, auto headshot, antenna config, skin config, and many more. With all these configs, of course anyone who uses it will be easy to win the game.

How to Install Free Fire Config

Free Fire
Free Fire | Garena

After knowing the meaning of Config FF and its types, you also have to know how to install it. To install the Free Fire game config, you need an application called ZArchiver. Usually, these applications are used to extract config files in the form of Zip or Rar.

Then after it is extracted, you only need to copy the config into the specified folder or directory. After everything is done, all you have to do is close all applications and then play the Free Fire game that has the config in it.

Risks of Using FF Config

Free Fire
Free Fire | Garena

Of course, using Config Free Fire is not without risk. Due to its cheating nature and changing the content of the game, Garena strictly forbids anyone from using config in playing. If you keep trying, you will be severely punished.

The penalty can be in the form of a banned account, even permanent and device ban. Of course you don’t want your account to be banned because you only use cheats or Free Fire configs. So play sport and forget about using Free Fire config.

Well, that was a complete discussion about the meaning of FF config along with its types, how to install it, and the risks. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment below. Keep visiting Dafunda Game so you don’t miss other interesting information about Free Fire Tips from us.