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Weapons That Get Buffs And Nerf Free Fire June 2022

Soon, Garena will do buffs and also nerf Free Fire weapons which are the developer’s monthly agenda. With more than 50 different weapons that can be used in the match. Free Fire make frequent adjustments to the balance with each update they make.

For the June 2022 Free Fire update, the developer will change the attributes of 4 weapons, namely: M60, KAR98K, M1917 and also KORD. In addition, there is also a new weapon that will be introduced to the game, namely the UZI.

What kind of balance will the developer share for this update? For those of you who are curious, make sure to read the following reviews.

List of Buffed and Nerf Free Fire Weapons

Based on the information that has been circulating, at least there are some weapons that have changed in some parts. For example, like the M1917 weapon whose statistics have changed. To be clear, here are the details of the weapon changes in Free Fire:


free fire buff and nerf weapons- Kord
chord | Garena

Even though this weapon has just been released, Garena will still make changes to Kord. Starting from accuracy which increases and fire rate which also increases.

  • Accuracy +28%
  • Fire Rate in Machine Gun mode +25%
  • Glow Wall, Oil Barrle, and Vehicle Damage increased from 100% to 120%


free fire buff and nerf- M1917 senjata
M1917 | Garena

This weapon is one of the pistol weapons that are present in the dual modes other than USP-2. Even though it is a new weapon, unfortunately this weapon immediately gets the attention of many players.

  • Damage increased from 36 to 45
  • Distance plus +25%


free fire buff and nerf-Kar98k senjata weapons
Kar98k | Garena

In general, some Free Fire fans don’t really like using sniper weapons. Kar98k is a weapon that players rarely use nowadays because the damage it produces is not enough to compete with all long-range AR.

  • Damage to arms and legs +25%
  • Damage to body reduced by -10%
  • Armor Penetration increased by 40%

Garena Presents the Freindly Fire Feature

Features of Freindly Fire Ff
Freindly Fire FF Features | Garena

Through the June 2022 edition of the Free Fire Advance Server, Garena did updates to Custom Room Mode Clash Squad. In this mode, players can set a new feature called Friendly Fire. Based on the available information, this feature has been around for some time and you can try it with your own colleagues.

The Friendly Fire feature allows players to kill their own comrades. This feature itself has previously been present on PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile. For those of you who later accidentally hit a teammate, you can do revive like other games.

A little information, the kills you do to your teammates will not enter the kill list. This is aimed at reducing out-of-bounds actions by Free Fire players who always do Friendly Fire.

So, those are some important things that you should know about the June 2022 Free Fire update. What do you think about this update? So that you don’t miss news, information, and Free Fire Tips more from us, make sure you keep visiting Game Funda yes!