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Want a Free Bundle on FF x Venom? Here's How To Get It!

The FF x Venom Free Bundle is currently the target of Free Fire players. Because in the near future, a collaboration event between Free Fire x Venom will take place soon. There are many rows of missions waiting to be completed soon. And from one of these missions, you have the opportunity to win a free bundle.

The Free Fire collaboration event with Venom is the first collaboration event for Garena Free Fire with a franchise film. Prior to this, they had collaborated with anime, games, and world-renowned figures. It also produces many FF bundles that can be had for free.

Especially in this discussion, Dafunda Game will share tips for those of you who want a free bundle at the Free Fire x Venom Event. Want to know how? Come on, follow this discussion to the end.

FF x Venom Free Bundle

It’s not Free Fire if it doesn’t present a free gift to players in every event. Free Fire is indeed known as a game that is royal to its players. So it’s no wonder why this game has a very large player base around the world.

Now, in this Free Fire x Venom event, Garena has prepared a free bundle that can be obtained by players. This bundle is called the We Are Venom Streetwear Bundle. This bundle comes with cool clothes. Where the character uses a jacket and pants that have orange and black colors.

On the jacket, there is an image of Venom’s face that makes this bundle look even more frightening. Don’t forget that your character will wear Venom’s signature black gloves and mask. That will make the appearance of your Free Fire character cooler and cooler, of course.

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How to Get the We Are Venom Streetwear Bundle

Ff X Venom 1 Free Bundle
Bundle We Are Venom Streetwear FF | Knightclown_

For those of you who are interested or want to get the free FF x Venom bundle, don’t worry. Because we have provided the steps to get the bundle. Curious? Let’s see the steps below.

First, what you need to know is, to get the bundle, you need a special token called the Carnage Token. Well, to get the token, you can use the following methods:

  1. Play 2 Games : Get 1x Carnage Token
  2. Play 5 Games : Get 1x Carnage Token
  3. Deals 2000 damage : Gets 1x Carnage Token
  4. Play 50 minutes : Get 1x Carnage Token
  5. Play 90 minutes : Get 1x Carnage Token.

The mission to collect these tokens will take place starting October 10, 2022. To get the We Are Venom Streetwear FF Bundle, you need to collect a total of 24x Carnage Tokens.

Thus the discussion on how to get the FF x Venom Free Bundle. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment below. Continue to visit Dafunda Game so you don’t miss other interesting information about Free Fire Tips from us.