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Want Chicken Dinner? Use the 10 Best PUBG Mobile Weapons

PUBG Mobile is a game that you can now play on your smartphone. This game is an adaptation of the PC paid game, namely PUBG(Unknown Battle Ground Player). Playing this game is quite easy, you just have to survive. Survive what? defend against other players’ attacks. Of course, in these regulations each player will be armed with weapons. However, these weapons must be searched for by yourself in places such as houses, buildings, ruins and Air Drops.

There are lots of weapons in PUBG Mobile that you can find. So every player can find the best weapon according to their own taste. Of course, the better the weapon, the easier it is to survive. Here I will give a preview of the 10 best weapons in PUBG Mobile.

Scar – L

Is a weapon with 5.56mm ammunition and can be used Single Shot or Full Auto. This weapon is quite in demand by players in the medium range. The uniqueness of this weapon is that when shooting this weapon it doesn’t move up much even when using Full Auto Mode. Moreover, there are many SL9t accessories that can be collaborated with this weapon. So it’s quite easy to use this weapon. At least it takes good stability and accuracy in using this weapon.


Is a weapon with ammo 7.62mm and can be used in Single Shot or Full Auto mode. This weapon is also good for medium range types. With power that is quite a pain and there are enough slots for accessories. So it’s great for killing multiple opponents. But this weapon has difficulties, namely in terms of recoil so that it takes a pretty good control in using this weapon.


This weapon is a rival to the AKM in terms of usage. With 5.56mm ammo and can be used in Single Shot and Burst Mode. This weapon does have a weakness, namely its Firing Speed. But this weapon has an advantage in terms of distance. So this weapon is good enough to replace Sniper.


This weapon uses 5.56mm ammo and can be used in Single Shot or Burst mode. In terms of Power, Firing Speed, and Range, this weapon is quite superior to the three weapons above. What’s more, this weapon is equipped with a silencer, so the opponent will find it difficult to track. But unfortunately this weapon can only be found in Air Drop. So it is very difficult to get this weapon.


Is a weapon with 9mm ammo and is best suited for Full Auto mode. The advantage of this weapon is in terms of medium and close range. Just like the characteristics of other SMG weapons, namely Firing Speed ​​which should be proud of. Not only that this weapon is also very often used in close combat. Can also be equipped with Scope x2 and x4. This weapon is quite easy to get.


You can only use this 5.56mm ammo in Full Auto mode. This is clear because this weapon can accommodate bullets of up to 100 capacities. Not only that, this weapon also has advantages in Power, Firing Speed ​​and Range for medium-range weapons. The drawback is that it takes a long time to reload and this weapon can only be found in Air Drop.


Is a weapon with 9mm ammunition and special long-range weapons. This weapon is great for long range, also with a capacity of 10 bullets. This weapon is also equipped with Scope x4, so you don’t need to add a Scope to this weapon. You can find VSS at home or in buildings.


Is a weapon with Sniper with 9.62mm ammunition that you can find in houses or buildings. The advantages of this weapon are Power and Range which are good enough to kill opponents from a long distance. At least it takes a minimum of Scope x4 and x8 to strengthen this weapon.


It is the deadliest weapon in PUBG Mobile. In terms of the power and range of this weapon, there is no need to ask again. In long-range weapons, this weapon is a bone of contention for the Players. “One Shot One Kill” the designation is very suitable for this weapon. But the downside of this weapon is its use. Because this weapon can only be used in Single Shot mode, it requires steady accuracy in using this weapon. What’s more, this weapon can only be found in Air Drop.


This weapon is the pride of PUBG, every player must know clearly about this weapon. No need for ammunition, just relying on reckless weapons can be very deadly. For close range this weapon can be the right choice if you don’t have another weapon.