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Vyana, the Newest and Sick Support Hero in Lokapala

As we know, Lokapala is one of the best MOBA games in Indonesia. This MOBA game also includes the first MOBA game developed by the nation’s children.

Just like MOBA games in general, in Lokapala there are also many Knights with different abilities. One of the knights that must be used is the support knight. This knight is tasked with helping the team during the attack.

Well, this time Lokapala has just presented a new Ksatriya named Vyana. Curious about the toughness of Ksatriya Vyana? If you’re curious, let’s just take a look at the following review, OK!

1. Vyana Background

The knights who attend this Aviation Day are eagerly awaited. Yups, especially if not Ksatriya Vyana. Ksatriya Vyana is one of the Knights with the Support role who is a female pilot captain who of course always prioritizes or prioritizes the quality of her flight.

Personality Ksatriya Vyana is also cheerful and very dedicated. Moreover, his new stunning appearance will enliven Svaka Lokapala even more. This makes air travel more enjoyable and unforgettable. The skills of Ksatriya Lokapala are also very unique!

2. Vyana’s Skills

As a Support Knight, Vyana is certainly equipped with skills that are no less painful than other Knight roles. The skills possessed by Vyana are:

Passive Skill: Fight Assistance

When your team is near Ksatriya Vyana and uses his skills, then Vyana will get first aid points that can be collected as many as 10 stacks. When Vyana uses a skill, each stack collected is used to recover 200 (+80% AP) HP of all nearby teams.

Skill 1: Beyond Reach

When Ksatriya Vyana flies backwards, will deal 300 (+80% AP) magical damage to the landing target and reduce the opponent’s speed -30% for 5 seconds

Skill 2: Welcome Board

When Ksatriya Vyana opens the plane door for 1 second and puts his team around in the cabin for 6 seconds, it will deal 200 (+80% AP) magical damage.

In addition, this Knight is able to reduce the enemy’s speed by -30% when in the area for 5 seconds. The team that is sucked in by this Knight will not be able to become an enemy target and the team will get an additional 30% speed for 5 seconds when leaving the cabin.

Skill 3: Safe Flight

When Ksatriya Vyana turns on the engine, this Kshatriya can teleport to his team or selected building. After a delay of 5 seconds, Ksatriya Vyana and all of his team in the cabin can go to the selected place.

Well, apart from the presence Kshatriya Vyana it’s on 07 December 2022 Yesterday, Lokapala also presented some of the latest updates and events for all of you.

One of them is skin part coloring for Sabara Knight with skin name Cerberus, Vijaya Knights with skin name Krtarajasa and Knight H’rtal with skin name Smokestack Outburst. You can get the coloring part skin by exchanging it 25 Citrine/Part.

In addition, there are several updates about In-Game UI and Main Menu UI as well as Overall Optimization. And what is no less interesting, the Ksatriya which was just released in November 2022 yesterday, namely Ksatriya Nio, you can already get it using ORI

Oh yes, Ksatriya Nio is also available for coloring part skins by exchanging 25 Citrine/Parts only at the game shop. This is just right, for those of you who want to buy a new skin for Ksatriya Nio, there is an interesting promo.

Yups, for those of you who top up Citrine Lokapala at UPoint, then you are entitled to a Citrine Lokapala bonus. The promo is with buy 94 Citrine Lokapala at using Three (3) and XL cards then you deserve bonus 38 Citrine Lokapala. This promo is only valid until December 31, 2022.