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Using This Spell, Terizla Mobile Legends Will Be Really OP

Terizla is a weak hero? You are wrong, Terizla is actually a really good hero in Mobile Legends as long as you use this spell.

There are still many Mobile Legends players today who think that Terizla is one of the weakest heroes in Mobile Legends, especially from the fighter role.

Even though there is only one weakness of Terizla and if that weakness is overcome then Terizla is a very terrible hero.

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Then what is the weakness and how to overcome it? Check out the review of the SPIN Esports version.

Overcome With Sprint Spell

Terizla mobile legends

Previously, Terizla’s biggest weakness was his slow mobility or very slow movement.

And the best solution to overcome this is to use a sprint spell or it can be flicker, but we highly recommend you use a sprint spell.

Because its function is much better for Terizla, by using Terizla’s sprint spell, it has high movement speed and is very easy to escape or help war quickly.

The sprint spell itself some time ago was buffed by increasing its speed, but unfortunately the cooldown of this spell is very long.

Spell ML
Photo via Tekno Kompas

But if the Terizla user can use the sprint spell at the right time, then this spell will be much more functional than other spells or other item movement speed.

That’s the only spell in Mobile Legends that according to SPIN Esports is very suitable for Terizla and makes it an op baget.

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