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User Initiator Stop by First! Acquaintance with Valorant's newest Fade Agent, Complete with Skill Explanation

Valorant recently announced a new Agent that has role as initiator. Who is she? He is Fade, Agent from Turkey.

Valorant’s newest agent is Fade, who was finally introduced at the VCT Reykjavík tournament last week (24/04/2022).

User initiator definitely happy with the presence of the newest Agent Valorant, because it will increase the variety of Agents that can be played.

In his official biographical description, Fade is a bounty hunter from Turkey. He can unleash a nightmare power that can seize the enemy’s secrets.

Fade will hunt down targets and uncover their deepest fears, before destroying them in the dark.

As initiatorFade has a row skills which is very useful for those of you who play as entry Fragger.

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Enter the enemy area and throw all skills at your disposal to disrupt the enemy’s defenses.

For those of you who want to use or plan to open a Fade contract, here’s an explanation skills from this one agent.