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Upoint Esports Minor League 2022 Final Standings: AURA NESC, Aerowolf Esports, Capital Esports, and Kings Esports fall?

Who’s watching UPoint Esports Minor Leage yesterday? Finally UPoint Esports Minor League 2022 by UPoint.ID x Indihome Gamer has now reached its peak! After going through 3 weeks of tough group stages, now it’s time for only 20 professional teams left.

In the Group match Stage Week #3 Day 2 yesterday, there was a very heated match between Group D vs Group A. In that group there is a team that will later represent Indonesia in the Free Fire Continental Series, namely the team ONIC Esports and RRQ Hades.

Even though in Week #2 RRQ Hades had slumped and was at the bottom of the Group A standings, the mentality of the FFIM 2022 Fall Runner Up managed to rise from the bottom of the Group A standings.

RRQ Hades managed to secure Points on the first and second day of Week #3, as a result they managed to penetrate the playoffs and ended the struggle for Capital Esports which was only 1 point adrift.

Bigetron Esports also managed to get a brilliant performance in Week #3. Had stumbled at the bottom of the standings, did not make the robot team give up, even a star-studded team, AURA NESC also had to become a victim of the rise of Bigetron’s troops.

Apart from being a victim of the ferocity of Bigetron Esports, AURA NESC had to accept bad luck, who was forced to give up tickets for the playoffs to Lynx Esports. Lynx Esports has the right to enter the playoffs for the difference in points, which is 1 point adrift of AURA NESC.

Although AURA NESC had to go home first, there was an interesting moment when EVOS met AURA NESC. Several times, the Coach’s “EVOS Manay” squad had to be downed by AURA NESC troops. Of course, this is a moment that is quite interesting to watch.

And here are the teams that managed to qualify and secure tickets to the Grand Final, we congratulate you, my friend!

From Group A:From Group B:From Group C:From Group D:
DG Esports

Red Bull Rebellion

Evos Esports


BOOM Esports

BOOS Esports

Dranix Vendetta

Esports Brothers

And for the 12 teams that managed to secure tickets to the playoffs are:

  • First Raider Alpha
  • Siren Esports
  • RRQ Hades
  • IOG Esports
  • TIME Comeback
  • Team NXL
  • JEET Esports
  • Bigetron Esports
  • Lynx Esports
  • The Prime Esports
  • Rosugo Esports
  • ONIC Olympus

For the teams that had to fall, such as AURA NESC, Aerowolf Esports, Capital Esports, and Kings Esports, don’t be discouraged and keep your spirits up. Junebe next time it will be their chance to win the UPoint Esports Minor League tournament.

The Playoffs will take place on November 24, 2022 at 13:00 WIB. While the Grand Final event will take place on November 25, 2022.

Now, for those of you who want to watch the playoffs and Grand Final of the UPoint Esports Minor League 2022 live, just subscribe to the UPoint Esports YouTube Channel so you don’t miss the match. There will also be special promos during the Playoffs and Grand Finals.

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