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UPoint Esports Invitational Season 2 Group Stage Qualifier Schedule for Day 3!

UPoint Esports Invitational Season 2 Group Stage Qualifier Schedule for Day 3!

No less exciting than the professional scene, the ladies scene is even more exciting with the emergence of a new team. Two days have passed for the UPoint Esports Invitational Season 2 Qualifier, and we are now entering the third day of the Group Stage.

Just a reminder that today there will be 5 matches that will bring together five teams in group A, namely RRQ Mika, Bigetron Era, MBR Delphyne, AURA Phoenix, and Nigma Galaxy.

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The competition is guaranteed to be exciting, especially since Group A is currently led by MBR Delphyne, who has strong players in Explaner Valanyr.

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It will be fun, especially when Valanyr will meet his former team BTR Era. In addition, there will be four other exciting matches. For those who are curious, you can check it out in full below.

UPoint Esports Invitational Season 2 Stage Day 3 Group Schedule

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  • Match 1: Bigetron Era Vs AURA Phoenix – 15.00 WIB
  • Match 2: RRQ Mika Vs MBR Delphyne – 16.10 WIB
  • Match 3: AURA Phoenix Vs Nigma Galaxy – 17.20 WIB
  • Match 4: Bigetron Era Vs MBR Delphyne – 18.50 WIB
  • Match 5: RRQ Mika Vs Nigma Galaxy – 20.00 WIB

The top competition will certainly be interesting today where BTR will meet MBR. Then there was RRQ also met MBR.

MBR has the upper hand after successfully passing its first two tests but of course don’t forget the two strong teams it will face today. If it successfully passes, it is not impossible that MBR will strengthen its position at the top of the standings.

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