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Update Date and Tier 16 PUBG Mobile Costumes!

Here is the update date for PUBG Mobile Season 16, along with the Season costumes!

On November 15, 2022 yesterday, we just said goodbye to Season 15 of the PUBG Mobile game which has accompanied us for approximately 2 months.

It’s time for us to welcome a new season, namely Season 16 which has been rumored to be coming soon, from the notification that has been given in the game.

As we know, in PUBG Mobile Royale Pass, this is one of the best-selling events at the beginning of each season.

This is because they always provide very good costumes, as well as weapon skins and vehicles.

Each Season has a different theme, after being disappointed with Season 15, players hope that this new Season will not disappoint.

Judging from the existing leaks, the next theme is like the apocalypse theme, and somewhat fits the current collaboration with Metro Exodus.

Royale Pass PUBG Mobile Season 16!

Many have asked, when will the new PUBG Mobile update begin? From the notification obtained in the game, as of today it is said that there is still 1 day left, so it is possible that the update will be carried out on Tuesday, November 17, 2022.

There are also many reports that the update date for PUBG Mobile Season 16 will be held on November 16, 2022after checking in the Royale Pass there is still 1 day left.

The time for the update that will be carried out is still uncertain, as usual each region has its own hours.

Taking from the previous seasons, usually PUBG Mobile will provide updates at 09.00 WIB or it can be during the day on 14.00 – 16.00 WIB.

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Free Costumes Every Tier!

This is what many players have been waiting for, namely free costumes from PUBG Mobile that are given every season.

Gold Tier

Platinum Tier

Diamond Tier

Crown Tier

As usual, Crown Tier doesn’t have costumes or weapon skins, but only gets Protection Tier Card which is used to protect your Tier points if they decrease.

Ace Tier

So what do you think? Are the costumes of this season more interesting than the previous season?

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