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Ubisoft Shuts Down Online Services for 90 Game Titles

With the increasing number of new online-multiplayer-based games, developers and publishers must continue to spend money to maintain servers and others.

But at one point of course these online games will reach the end of their life and their services will be discontinued. This is also done by Ubisoft which turns out to have many online game services.

In its latest report alone, Ubisoft is reportedly discontinuing online services for 90 of their older games on various platforms. Later, various online features such as in-game news, player statistics, etc. will be deactivated.

One thing that might be painful for players is that later unlockable content or what Ubisoft calls ULC will also be disabled.

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Content such as additional maps or exclusive skins for the affected games will not be accessed, especially for players on PC.

Assassin’s creed revelation | Ubisoft

The good news is that console players can enjoy these exclusive contents unless they reset the save game files for the games mentioned.

The games on the list will also continue to be played normally and all offline features of each game will continue to function as normal.