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Tutorial How to Use WhatsApp on PC and Laptop

Previously, we have explained and provided the easiest tutorial for how to do this backup whatsapp chat. However, this time we will focus on discussing how to use Whatsapp web and desktop applications that you can use on your PC / laptop.

As is known, WhatsApp or abbreviated as WA is a social media that is able to make its users to communicate with others. Well, now WA is not just social media that can be used on smartphones only you know.

The reason is, you can also use Whatsapp on a PC / laptop via Whatsapp Web and special desktop applications.

Yes, here you can access and communicate like you would using WA on a cellphone. Do you think all the features of Whatsapp Web are the same as Whatsapp on smartphones?

How to use Whatsapp Web and its desktop application? What’s the difference? We will summarize the answers to all these questions in the following article. So, permanent stay tune until the end of the article yes!

Requirements for Using Whatsapp Web

whatsapp web

WhatsApp Web has a few requirements to go through before you can enjoy it. Take it easy, the following requirements are not complicated and quite simple. You must meet these requirements if you want to use WhatsApp Web comfortably.

You also need to know that WhatsApp Web does not mean that you create a new Whatsapp account. Here, WhatsApp Web will sync from your WhatsApp account on your cellphone to WhatsApp Web.

Therefore, one of the conditions, you must have a smartphone that has been customized by Whatsapp Web. Here are some things to know about using WhatsApp Web:

  1. Make sure you are an Android phone user or an iPhone phone user.
  2. Android phones that support WhatsApp are Android phones with the Android 4.0.3 operating system. While WhatsApp on iPhone can run on iPhone with a minimum operating system of iOS 9.
  3. In addition to these two devices, WhatsApp also supports several tablets (except those that are only wifi only).
  4. WhatsApp can also be installed on phones with the KaiOS 2.5.1+ operating system, for example JioPhone and JioPhone 2. Unfortunately, phones with KaiOS do not support the use of WhatsApp Web.
  5. The next requirement is to make sure you have an active WhatsApp account on your smartphone.
  6. Then, you are also expected to have a stable internet connection on the PC / laptop that will be used for WhatsApp Web, considering WhatsApp Web is a social media that requires you to stay online.
  7. Also, you must use the latest version of browser either Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge or others.

Those are some things you should know before using WhatsApp Web. If you do not fulfill one of the conditions, then WhatsApp Web will not run smoothly or maybe WhatsApp Web will not be accessible.

How to Access Whatsapp Web

Have all the requirements above been met? Then you are now ready to access Whatsapp Web.

Before using Whatsapp Web Messenger, the first thing you have to do is sync between Whatsapp Web and Whatsapp on your Smartphone. Here We will also show you how to view WhatsApp barcode.

So, the first thing you have to prepare is a PC / laptop to open Whatsapp Web and also a smartphone that meets the requirements of Whatsapp Web. Are you all ready? Then, you can continue by following these steps:

1. Visit the Whatsapp Web site by clicking here. After clicking on it, Whatsapp Web will automatically appear and display a QR Code.

How to Use Whatsapp Web

2. Then for Android users, you can open the Whatsapp application on your cellphone. Then, click the symbol three dots which is in the upper right corner.

How to Access Whatsapp Web 2

3. Still with Android Smartphone users, the next step is to click WhatsApp Web.

How to Access Whatsapp Web 3

4. After that, Android users can click OK, GOT IT.

How to Access Whatsapp Web 4

5. Next, you can directly scan the QR Code on WhatsApp Web using WhatsApp on your cellphone. Well, automatically your WhatsApp account is connected to WhatsApp Web.

How to Access Whatsapp Web 5

6. For iPhone users, you can do the same. Look at the image below.

How to Use Whatsapp Web

7. You simply select “Settings” in the lower right corner. After that, select WhatsApp Web. As seen in the image above.

8. Next, you just need to scan the QR code.

How to Use Whatsapp Web

So, have you managed to sync your phone’s WhatsApp with WhatsApp Web? A little information is also that you don’t need to download or install WhatsApp Web. Because, WhatsApp Web can only be used on Facebook browser just yes.

How to Use WhatsApp Web

Some features of WhatsApp Smartphone are not the same as WhatsApp Web. There are some features that cannot be accessed when you are using WhatsApp Web. Features that cannot be accessed, for example, Video Call and Voice Call.

However, other features such as status, chat, and Voice Recording, and sending media you can still do on WhatsApp Web. Well, here we will describe them one by one.

1. How to Chat

How to Chat

If you want to chat on WhatsApp Web, the method is very easy. Just like using WhatsApp Mobile, you only need to find the name of the friend you want to chat with by clicking the feature search or search in the upper left.

After that a chat display will appear on the right and the left side is a list of friends who are chatting with you. Easy and simple right?

2. How to do Voice Recording

As has been said before that on WhatsApp Web you can do Voice Recording or voice recording. However, before doing sound recording, you must make sure you have prepared the equipment first.

The tools needed are microphone to record your voice. After you have prepared it, please click the symbol voice recording which is in the lower right corner.

How to do Voice Recording 1

After that, you can click OK, I GOT IT and also click Allow which is in the upper left corner. So, you can automatically use Voice Recording.

How to do Voice Recording 2

3. How to Send Images and Other Media

WhatsApp Web also provides a feature where you can send media such as images, videos, documents, and contacts. How to send it is very easy. You just need to click on the WhatsApp friend you want to send an image or other media to. After that, you click symbols like pin the one at the top, next to the symbol point three.

How to Send Images and Other Media 1

Then, automatically several options will appear to send videos, pictures, documents, or contacts. So, choose one of them according to your needs!

How to Send Images and Other Media 2

4. How to View Status

Recently, WhatsApp provided its newest feature in the form of status. Yes, the status on WhatsApp can be in the form of text, images, or videos. Well, this status also applies to WhatsApp Web. But unfortunately, WhatsApp web has limitations for this one feature.

Indeed, you can view your friends’ status on WhatsApp by using WhatsApp Web. However, you cannot update the status on WhatsApp Web. Well, to do a status update, you can only do it on WhatsApp mobile. Here’s how to view status on WhatsApp Web:

  • Click symbol status which is at the top.
How to View Status 1
  • Then, click on the WA friend status you want to see. All WA friends status will be displayed on the left.
How to View Status 2

Well, that’s how to see the status of WA friends on WhatsApp Web. Just two steps, fast, easy, and simple. A little extra that every WA friend status you want to see will be displayed in full on your PC / laptop screen.

5. How to Log Out of WhatsApp Web

How to Use Whatsapp Web

To log out or exit Whats App, simply do as shown in the image above. You simply select the three-dot mark, then several options will appear. Just select “log out”.

Log out can also be done via WhatsApp on Android. Just log in again to WhatsApp Web then select “exit” or “log out”.

How to Use Whatsapp Web

Logging out is very important, especially if you use WhatsApp Web, which is logged on someone else’s PC, whether it’s an office computer or a public computer.

How to Use WhatsApp App on PC

desktop whatsapp

Apart from WhatsApp Web, you can also rely on special applications that can be installed on your PC or computer. You can download the application on the official WhatsApp website or through the Microsoft Store. Here are the steps to install and use the WhatsApp application on PC:

  1. Open WhatsApp official website via the browser on your computer
  2. Select menu Download to download WhatsApp desktop app
  3. Scroll down and look to the right of the screen
  4. Click the button “Download for Windows” to download the app. You can select both 32 and 64 bit OS versions. Wait for the download to complete
  5. Install the app WhatsApp desktop on your computer
  6. Once installed, open the app and connect your phone by scanning the barcode as you normally would when connecting your phone with WhatsApp Web
  7. Wait until WhatsApp is connected and you can immediately use it as usual

That’s a tutorial on how to use WhatsApp Web and the WhatsApp desktop application and all its features. Do you prefer WhatsApp Web, desktop or WhatsApp Mobile? Give your reasons in the comments column yes!