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Turns out this is the MSC “Hierophant” edition of the Pharsa Skin Concept, really cool!

Turns out this is the MSC “Hierophant” edition of the Pharsa Skin Concept, really cool!

Pharsa Skin for the 2022 MSC edition has finally been officially released by Mobile Legends yesterday (6/6) which can be obtained both with diamonds and for free.

To be able to get the skin right away, of course you have to prepare 899 diamonds while to get it for free of course there will be more effort.

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The effort is to collect 25900 MSC coins which you can get through daily missions or guess the team that won the MSC 2022 event.

Interestingly, the Pharsa skin concept is also not kidding and was carefully prepared by Moonton to welcome the biggest Mobile Legends event in Southeast Asia.

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Symbolizes the Sun

Photo via Mobi;le Legends

Having a very bright color, it turns out that the concept behind the design symbolizes the sun by displaying majesty and glory and conveying justice and honor.

The three colors used have different meanings and present a Hierophant who sacrifices everything.

The mask that Pharsa uses is of course to cover Pharsa’s eyes, which no one knows what is behind those eyes.

The Pauldron she wears displays the light of the sun that always rises to give light and justice to the world.

As the strongest hierophant, Pharsa himself was blessed with a staff made of pure gold decorated with rubies.

Turning into a golden bird, Verri always accompanies Pharsa as well as shows the way for her to protect her best friend.

So, that’s the design concept behind the Pharsa “Hierophant” skin MSC 2022 edition which is certainly interesting to know.

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