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Try Ragnarok M 2.0's New Features : Jump to Level 120

Not long ago Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love released the latest update with very interesting features for lovers of the mobile version of the MMORPG game. This provoked the team to try this new feature for themselves.

The two main features in the 2.0 update that are interesting are the opening of new maps and the feature to level up to 120 faster. Surely this feature makes gamers curious, how do you get to level 120 quickly?

Just like other MMORPG games, at the beginning of course you have to register or login and then create a new character. You can choose a job and name the character you will play, but if you are an RO gamer, you will know that all jobs must undergo a mission and start from a Job Novice. Here mastergame try to choose an Assassin job.

At the beginning of the adventure we will start with a tutorial at Cryptura Academy. Let’s just follow the instructions given to get to know the basic features of this game and learn the gameplay at the same time. What you get here includes an introduction to character control and basic skills, so make sure you follow the tutorial well and to the end.

Well… in this process you will definitely go through a process where we are offered to run the quick feature to Job 3. And to get this jo 3 your level will be upgraded directly to level 120. If you agree and want to run this feature, you will be led to leave. to the main building of Cryptura Academy and here you will be asked to take a test in the form of a personality questionnaire.

In this exam process there will be a job recommendation for you to determine, and in job 3 there will be two branches of choice from job 2. You can choose job 3 according to the direction of the test results or you can choose according to your wishes.

After you are done with level 120 and job choices, you can continue the lesson to get to know your character’s controls and skills. And of course you will face a strong Boss, here you can prove that you have mastered the controls and skills you have learned.

Then you can play by following various missions, increasing levels, increasing skills, collecting zenny, upgrading weapons, and going on adventures with friends to conquer various boss monsters.

For those of you who don’t have this game, you can download it from App Store, Google Play or TapTap.