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Transformers MLBB 2022 Event Leaks, There will be Three Phases!

Transformers MLBB 2022 Event Leaks, There will be Three Phases!

The Transformers collaboration event in 2022 is drawing near. And now there is a leaked quest event. Even according to information from several leakers, the Transformers event this time will also be present three times or in three phases.

Instead of being curious, let’s just look at the leak together.

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MLBB 2022 Transformers Event Quest Leaks

Event Quest Transformers 2022
source: YT VY Gaming

It looks like there will be pre-orders when this event starts on June 24, 2022 later. But you can see first that like the previous collaboration event gacha (sanrio) you can draw using 2250 diamonds with a one-time discount of 1125 diamonds.

The first 10 draws are guaranteed to get Roger Grimlock skin. The rest you need a Bingo line to get 5 other skins, namely Aldous, Granger, X Borg, Johnson and Popol & Kupa.

But if you’re lucky, of course, you can get the collaboration skin through a draw, just like the previous KoF and Sanrio events.

In addition to pre-orders, of course, you can get additional tickets through a quest event that will be present in two phases. The first phase will be on 28-30 June 2022, the second phase will be on 11-13 June 2022 and the third phase 2-4 July 2022.

Phase Event Transformers
source: YT Wise King Update

For the quest, it will be more or less the same as the number of previous event quests, namely:

  • Game Login – 1 Ticket
  • Any Top-Up – 2 Tickets
  • Top-up 100 diamonds – 3 Tickets
  • Top-up 250 diamonds – 5 Tickets
  • Use 100 diamonds – 2 Tickets
  • Use 250 diamonds – 3 Tickets

In total there will be 15 free tickets for the first phase. But you can get one additional ticket through a pre-order event (most likely).

That’s quite a lot, Spinners and can make you at least ensure 1 additional MLBB x Transformers skin if you’re lucky in the pattern. Moreover, there are three phases that will be presented, if you are diligent in participating in the quest at least 1 additional Transformers skin you can get if your bingo is lucky enough, namely three or four patterns.

Later, SPIN Esports will inform you of the Bingo draw pattern when the event is released.

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