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Toram Online Indonesia Review with Guide, Can it be on PC too?

For those of you fans of anime character type games, Toram Online is for you. This game released on mobile devices (Android or iOS) is really fun to follow. This game comes with a 3D display that is no less stunning than MMORPG games on PC.

Toram Online

In addition, this game also includes the old Android/iOS MMORPG games that still survive today. Toram Online was released for Android and iOS in 2015. Basically, in terms of gameplay mechanics, this game is no different from other standard MMORPG games. You are required to grind in order to raise the level.

The story presented is actually not too special. Toram presents a standard anime-style story, the war between good and evil. These good people live in peace which is finally disturbed by the evil monsters. Want to know the continuation of this one game? Keep following this article, buddy, because we will provide a review of the mobile MMORPG game that is still being played by many people.

Gameplay and Graphics

This MMORPG game released in 2015 comes with graphics that are quite pleasing to the eye. With an anime style that appears with 3D graphics, MMORPG game one comes with an active camera that can be rotated 360°, different from some Android online RPG games which usually take the camera’s point of view from above.

Toram Online

Toram Online also takes the concept of Class which includes sword, staff, knuckle, bow, and also halberd. However, you will not find the Class system. Even so, you can create your own character starting from the head such as hair model and color, face shape, skin color, and also height. In addition, the character’s face that you make has several choices of faces and eyeball colors.

The advantage of the game developed by Asobima which is a game developer from Japan is the story. This game, which has more than 7 million downloads, has an updated story.

This game has a standard story that is the battle of the good against the evil. This mobile MMORPG game tells the story of a world that was destroyed hundreds of years ago, so that the earth was split into four parts. The collapsing world also divides into groups consisting of tribes.

You come to that world for adventures to meet important people in these divided groups. When adventuring in this game world, you will be faced with mysterious creatures. In addition, the world presented by Toram is very wide. You will run side quests surrounded by beautiful scenery.

However, there is one thing that is unfortunate in this game made by Asobimo, is that there is no PVP feature that allows you to compete with other players. However, even though there is no such feature, you can still chat with other players, form parties, and also trade between players.

Toram also provides a Guild that allows you to interact more with other players so you can ask for help from players who first played Toram Online. Even though the Toram game was made in Japan, Asobimo, as a developer and publisher, created a special server for Indonesia because of the large number of players. You can meet new friends in this game and maybe later you can get ground coffee after that.

Toram Online

Toram Online does not have a PVP feature, and makes it seem boring. As a solution, Asobimo presents interesting events that make you forget boredom. An example is an event that gives sharp orbs for free every time you enter this game. These events are also useful for players, one of which is the item given at the event, the price increases and can be sold at a high price.

There is another interesting feature that Toram Online has, namely Random Number Generation or RNG. RNG is a program that generates an irregular lifting sequence that allows you to not only work hard but also rely on luck. Therefore, not only because you’ve been playing for a long time and spend more money, you can’t get the item chest you want.

Play Toram Online on PC

Do you want to play Toram Online on PC? You can, you just need to download an Android emulator like Blue Stack. To configure it, you can open this one article for more details. You’ve never played this one game? There’s nothing wrong with trying it now, because Toram still has quite a lot of visitors.