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Top 7 Mobile Legends Heroes That Are Often Used by Boy Players Today

Many heroes have been released in Mobile Legends at this time. Among the Heroes, there are some that are favorites for Mobile Legends players. Even though the Hero is popular, it actually makes boy players like the Hero. Among all the heroes in Mobile Legends, there are 7 heroes that are favorites for boy players. Who are these heroes, see the list directly.

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It’s very clear that Alucard is the favorite Hero for today’s young boy players. Many claim that this Hero is quite cool and deadly. Even though in the Epic tier and above, this Hero is quite easy to beat. Many players who carelessly play this Hero make Alucard labeled a Hero Feeder.


Furthermore, there is a Hero assassin who is easy to get Kill, namely Karina. Many boy players nowadays use this hero because it’s easy to get kill. Just attack the opponent who is dying of blood and get Kill. So easy to get Kill, this Hero gets the stamp “Hero queen of trash”.


This hero who is not afraid of death because his Ultimate makes Argus popular among boy players. Not only that, the cool and frightening style makes this hero quite popular with kid players. As long as you attack forward without fear and then use your Ulti, after the Ulti runs out, you become an easy target for the opponent.


Then there is another Hero Fighter, namely Zilong. Zilong includes free heroes for new players. Because of this, many boy players like to play using this Hero, because Zilong has an Ultimate that can run fast. Instead of attacking, the boy players used Ultimate Zilong to escape from enemy pursuit.


Lesley is a Hero that is currently on the rise, from Tier Warrior to Mythic Lesley is the main Hero of the Marksman. Because of the popularity of this hero, boy players also enjoy using this hero. Critical Damage is large and Ultimate can kill opponents from a long distance is the reason this Hero is popular among young players.


Lyla is the first Hero for all Mobile Legends players. For that reason Lyla is the most played Hero in the Master tier and below. Boy players also enjoy using this hero because it has sick damage and its ultimate can kill opponents from a distance. Even though this hero is quite easy to kill because he doesn’t have a skill that can escape.


One more Hero Marksman which is a favorite of child players, namely Irithel. At first glance, there is nothing interesting about this Hero, but it turns out that Irithel has painful damage. With painful damage and can attack while walking, making this hero a favorite of child players. Even so, many players make mistakes using this hero. Namely, this Hero must play the Late Game and be balanced with a suitable Build.