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Top 5 Hero Feeders Due to Pilot Error

Every Hero in Mobile Legends must have its own advantages and disadvantages. It doesn’t matter how strong the Hero is, if the pilot or user can’t use it properly then the Hero becomes useless or a Feeder. Because of this, there are 5 heroes who have been labeled Feeder due to pilot error. Who are these heroes, check in the Top 5 Hero Feeders Because of the Pilot.

5. Lesley

Lesley is the most popular Hero Marksman today. Even in each Tier, Lesley did not cover the pick. With a high Critical ability, this Hero is often used as the main choice of Marksman. But many of these users always think that it’s easy to use this hero. Even though this type of Hero is a Marksman, it is always the main target and is weak in the Early Game.

4. Zilong

Next is the Hero Fighter, Zilong. Zilong’s ability is very good in Clear Lane and Push Turrent. But most Zilong users put this aside, they focus too much on war without looking at themselves, as a result they often miss Level and Build. Zilong is a Fighter hero, so this Hero will show off when the Build has been Completed.

3. Karina

Karina is the best Execution Hero in the match, it’s even quite easy to get Savage if you use this Hero. But unfortunately, most Karina users are more concerned with Kill than anything else. So that makes this hero a feeder because of the user’s own fault.

2. Argus

Furthermore, there is a Hero Fighter who does not know death, namely Argus. The reason why this Hero becomes a Feeder is because of the pilot’s own fault. Most of the mistakes using Argus are always daring to come forward without counting the number of enemies. Although his Ultimate makes Argus avoid death, it only lasts for 5 seconds. The rest of Argus will be under threat without Ultimate.

1. Alucard

Anyone would agree that Alucard is the most Feeder Hero for his team because of his own pilot error. How come? Most Alucard users are always busy Farming to the point of consuming the entire forest regardless of their own team. Not only that, Alucard’s users are also mostly fearless, 1 Vs 5 was immediately beaten. Although Alucard is indeed quite good against many enemies, but it will not be useful if this Hero is hit by CC.