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Top 10 Heroes Must Be Banned In This Season 9

Season 8 has ended now Season 9 is here for Mobile Legends Players. Of course, there will be many new things in Season 9, including the new Hero. Later there will be a Hero released in the near future, with the appearance of the Hero it will certainly make Meta changes at this time. That way the players will know which Hero deserves to be Banned in Season 9. The following is a list of the Top 10 Heroes that must be Banned Season 9.

10. Jawhead

Season 9 is a new era for Jawhead, this is because this Hero is one of the most powerful METAs. If previously Jawhead was a Semi Tank type, now Jawhead is a painful Busrt Damage Hero. This hero also excels in the Early and Late Game, even his unique Skill that can throw his own target. No wonder this Hero should be on the list of 10 Banned Heroes in Season 9.

9. Grock

You may be wondering, what happened to Johnson. The problem is with Season 9 there are many changes, namely for defensive items and making some Tanks indirectly weaker. One of those affected by the change was Johnson. On the other hand, with a new item change rolling out in season 9, Grock is back in the top 9 Heroes to be Banned thanks to his ability to clear lanes quickly.

8. Angela

As the only Support Hero that is used most often, this Hero is always the main target in the team. This hero is very superior in the Early Game and Late Game, especially when combined with Hero Fighter or Assassin. No wonder jima Angela is still the Top Banned in Season 9.

7. Martis

Martis is now ranked lower compared to the previous season thanks to the received nerf in the previous patch where it is much easier to react to Martis than before but make no mistake, he is still a force to be feared especially if you are in a critical state.

6. Selena

With the introduction of Selena, many players have yet to discover her true potential but in the hands of veteran players she is almost as deadly as Karina but the difference is that Selena is more adaptable in killing her target who is able to attack from afar and enter for the finishing blow. Chances are he will replace one of the Top 5 Heroes who should be banned.

5. Cyclops

Cyclops has been a constant troublesome Hero to deal with ever since he was introduced to the game where his constant dps output often makes opponents hesitate to get into him making him a great mage to encroach on or take down heroes. thus if you are in the Banned option, then Cyclops is the Hero you should consider.

4. Helcurt

Remember that once when Helcurt was released, this Hero seemed priceless? Now in this season Helcurt is as valuable as any of the meta heroes thanks to his set and it’s a joke to deal with his silence and silence, so to not let Helcurt go through the Banned phase unless you are prepared to fight him.

3. Hayabusa

Hayabusa is back again thanks to the rework he recently received, though the impact is clear with the latter not being as good as before. Don’t get me wrong the change to his passive as well as his basic skills make him more lethal than ever so it would be wise not to let Hayabusa players get their hands on this Hero otherwise you’ll have a hard time.

2. Gusion

Well it’s been a few seasons and still can hope that Gusion still has to be Banned as free Gusion players roaming the rankings is as good as saying goodbye, especially if those Gusion players know how to actually play it. The problem is with Gusion, Burst Damage and combos are something even tanks are afraid of because he can easily kill Hero Cary even behind a Tank.

1. Lancelot

Regardless of what nerf he receives, Lancelot remains the top tire hero all thanks to his high mobility and insane burst damage and the ability to evade skills with perfect timing on his 2nd skill. Until now, no one has been able to replace Lancelot’s position in the Top Banned Season. If you remember, maybe Selena will be able to shift Lancelot’s position from the Banned Hero list.