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Top 10 Apps for Buying and Selling Used Goods on Android

It is no secret that technological sophistication that is increasingly developing makes it easier for humans to carry out all activities. For example, you don’t have to bother going to the store to look for used goods.

Simply download one of the 10 applications for buying and selling used goods, you can already buy the used goods you are looking for.

These applications will help and also make it easier for you to find used items such as electronics, household appliances, and even motorbikes.

Application users for buying and selling used goods can also choose to check their own goods. So, of course the goods that will be obtained are quality goods. Ready for shopping?

1. OLX


Selling and even buying goods can be done with an application for buying and selling used OLX goods. In the application, OLX users will find it easier to find used goods according to the categories available in the OLX application features.

If you intend to sell used goods, simply download the OLX application and enter a photo of your item along with a description of the item, of course, it must also be accompanied by the condition of the item. Confused about determining the price for your used goods? Don’t worry, OLX will give you a price suggestion for your item.

For shoppers on OLX, you will enjoy the feature to search for items around the area you are visiting. So you can do CoD (Cash on Delivery) with the seller. Easy, practical, safe and also free. Want to shop and sell goods? Download the OLX app here.

2. Carousell


No less popular with eBay, this time the second-hand buying and selling application comes with the name Carousell. Just like buying and selling applications in general, Carousell also offers convenience features to serve buyers of goods.

Sellers will also be given the freedom to sell goods. Seller can write keywords on goods so that buyers can more easily track the goods sold by the seller.

Application chat Carousell also supports communication between sellers and buyers. Want to try shopping on Carousell? Download the application here.

3. Tokopedia

Tokopedia online buying and selling application

Millions of items are sold on Tokopedia. Buying and selling transactions are carried out almost every day. Starting from the items that are still fresh new to cheap used goods. Therefore, Tokopedia is included in the category of an application for buying and selling used goods which is selling well in Indonesia.

In the application, buyers will be spoiled by the embedded notification feature for every discount on Tokopedia. Nothing to look for? Don’t worry, you can add the desired item with the features wishlist.

With the wishlist feature, Tokopedia buyers will be reminded by Tokopedia of the items that you must buy in the future.

Other advantages are given to sellers as well, you know. Of course, automatic notification of the goods that have been purchased by the buyer will be immediately notified by Tokopedia. Ready to be a Tokopedia seller or buyer? Download the application here.

4. Bukalapak


Shopping for used goods that is not complicated? You can make Bukalapak the right choice. The reason is, this application for buying and selling used goods also provides every item you need. Starting from the cheapest price to the most expensive though.

Various payment methods have also become one of Bukalapak’s mainstays. You can pay via BukaDompet, Bank transfer, Mandiri ClickPay, BCA KlikPay, CIMB Cliks, Alfa Group, Indomaret, VISA and Mastercard credit cards complete with 0% installment features, you know. Are you ready to be satisfied shopping at Bukalapak? Click the application here.

5. Shopee


Buying and selling used goods on mobile phones can also be done with the Shopee application. One of the applications for buying and selling used goods is equipped with features that will certainly make it very easy for both buyers and sellers of goods using the Shopee application.

At Shopee, you can shop for cosmetics, men’s and women’s clothing, unique and cute products, to products for home decoration.

Shopee also makes it easy to communicate with the seller in the features chat. How do you want to shop or become a seller on Shopee? Download the application here.



For some people, KASKUS may be just an ordinary forum to discuss new things. However, don’t get me wrong. Actually KASKUS also has a buying and selling application, you know. often in KASKUS there are transactions of buying and selling goods, both used goods and new goods.

Therefore, KASKUS is included as one of the best used buying and selling applications in Indonesia. Transacting safely and comfortably is one of the mainstays offered by KASKUS. There is an account payment (joint account) that will provide security in payments.

Feature private messages did not escape to facilitate your transactions as a seller or buyer at KASKUS. So, are you ready to open a stall or find a suitable stall at KASKUS? Just click here and find the stall you trust.

7. Want to sell

want to sell_

Maujual is a special application for selling used goods in the form of cellphones. In this application, you can find out the latest price trends of HP for sale. You also don’t have to bother looking for potential buyers of used cellphones if you use this one application.

At Maujual there is an instant courier service. The courier will pick up the used cellphone that you sell, and deliver it to the buyer. After that, the money from the sale will go directly to your e-money account or bank account.

8. Facebook Marketplace

Indonesian social media

Since the first, Facebook is known as a place for selling online that is practical. In this social media, users can market anything to their Facebook friends, as well as netizens in general.

In the past, users could only sell through posts on personal accounts, now Facebook presents a special marketplace for buying and selling.

You don’t need to download a separate application to be able to sell on Facebook Marketplace. This buying and selling feature can be directly accessed from your account. To sell, you just need to upload a photo of the product and provide a description. It’s easy, isn’t it?


carmudi_ is an application for buying and selling used goods specifically for cars and motorcycles. In this application, you can market or buy used vehicles easily and quickly.

You can search for your dream vehicle by category, brand, price, mileage, to sales location. If interested, you can directly contact the seller via the contact provided, and do a test drive before buying the vehicle. Download here.



If you’re looking for a dream home, the application can be your first choice. There are more than 500,000 properties that are marketed in this one application, you know. You can search for the desired home by specific criteria such as location and price range.

Not only used houses, in the application you can also search for new housing units and land for sale.

This application also allows you to contact property agents directly, to facilitate transactions. is also open for those of you who want to sell your house quickly. Try the app here.

Those are the 10 applications for buying and selling used goods that we recommend and are the best on Android. Where is your favorite second-hand shop for shopping?