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Too Strong, This Tank Hero Will Return to Nerf Moonton!

Too Strong, This Tank Hero Will Return to Nerf Moonton!

One of the Tank heroes who is currently a mainstay at the current rank, Akai will get a big nerf.

After several patches increased in strength and made him one of the strongest jungler heroes, Moonton finally nerfed for this hero.

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Nerf Hero Tank Akai

Nerf Akai ML
source: YT VY Gaming

Akai had a big nerf. It’s only for one skill, namely his Ultimate but of course it is very influential. And here are the nerf details for Akai.

  • Cooldown increased from 45-37 to 50-42 seconds
  • Base damage reduced from 180-540 to 180-420

Ultimate, which is Akai’s strength, is likely to be severely nerfed for the next patch.

According to SPIN Esports, this nerf is quite influential for Akai in the future, it might make him a little more detached from the tires. Because this time Akai is the top priority for tires that the opposing team can’t let pick.

Even though there are Xavier and Julian, Akai becomes a more frightening top tire especially when used as a jungler.

He can be said to be one of the top junglers for the current meta, this cannot be separated from the revamp he got in June 2022.

What do you think about yourself? Will Akai not be banned with this nerf or will it still be annoying?

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