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Too OP, Xavier Finally Gets Nerf Will Be Weak Like This!

Too OP, Xavier Finally Gets Nerf Will Be Weak Like This!

After being officially released about two months ago, Xavier is still a pretty terrible hero mage in Mobile Legends.

The reason is that the hero has a CC effect which is quite annoying as well as very deadly damage through his ultimate.

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In fact, he can also remove this skill from a very long distance, making Xavier really quite annoying.

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Xavier Will Get Nerf

Photo via VY Gaming

The complaints of Mobile Legends players over Xavier were finally heard by Moonton who would immediately give the Forsaken Light hero a nerf.

This hero has proven to be the key to victory several times, even in an event as big as the SEA Games Mobile Legends number, Xavier is the key to the Philippines’ success in winning a gold medal.

Therefore, here are the nerfs that Xavier will soon get in the Land of Dawn.

Skill 1

  • Base damage will be reduced from the original 325-600 and will be 320-560

The damage reduction is certainly not too significant but it will certainly make Xavier a little weaker.

In addition, the hero also no longer has terrible damage through his 1st skill when in the late game.

But seeing the nerf that doesn’t seem to have much effect will certainly make this Forsaken Light hero still a priority pick in the upcoming patch.

So, that’s the nerf that Xavier will soon get, who is still too OP so far in Mobile Legends.

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