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Too OP, Wanwan Will Finally Get Nerf in Mobile Legends!

Too OP, Wanwan Will Finally Get Nerf in Mobile Legends!

Wanwan is one of the marksman heroes who is currently quite feared by his opponents in the Land of Dawn.

The reason is, he himself does have very deadly damage if he manages to bring out his ultimate flagship.

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Until finally, Wanwan will soon get a nerf from Moonton who thinks the hero is very OP in Mobile Legends.

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Damage will be reduced

Photo via Mobile Legends Update

The hero is indeed often a differentiator when entering late game because several times often turn things around when his team is behind.

This is certainly inseparable from his ultimate which is quite annoying because it has very deadly damage and can be done continuously if the main target is killed.

Until finally Moonton will definitely give a little nerf that will make Wanwan less OP in Land of Dawn.


  • Wanwan’s physical attack bonus will be reduced from the previous 40% to 30%.

With this nerf, of course, it is hoped that Wanwan will be less dangerous in goldlane so that other marksman heroes can compete with this hero.

In addition, this is certainly expected to make Wanwan rarely get banned which will make her return to adorn the Land of Dawn.

So, that’s the nerf that Wanwan will soon get that will make it more balanced in Mobile Legends,

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