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Tips for Playing Chou in the New Patch A la RRQ R7, Using Emblem Support?

Tips for Playing Chou in the New Patch A la RRQ R7, Using Emblem Support?

Chou is one of the heroes who is quite meta in every season. Although not always the main choice, Chou is always a good choice and never disappears from the meta.

One of the best Chou users, RRQ R7, gave tips on playing Chou in the new patch. Because there is one item that is buffed, namely Molten Essence, this is the new emblem for Chou.

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Tips for Playing Chou Ala RRQ R7

“Because the Cursed Helmet is buffed, the damage to the minions increases to 150%, so we use Chou Tank, because the damage to the minions is already big, we use the Support emblem, reminds me of Chou Liam,” said R7 via his YouTube.

According to him, because the damage from Cursed Helmet or Molten Essence items is in a large buff, he uses the Support emblem for additional movement speed.

So he no longer needs to make Bruteforce Breastplate for additional movement speed and can make other defense items such as Antique Cuirass.

He will be quite fast in movement speed and can cut minions. Because the opponent’s match-up can be quite strong like Esmeralda who is strong in laning.

The weakness of using this Support emblem according to RRQ R7 is that it becomes soft or less thick like the Tank emblem.

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But of course the advantage is that you become more agile and strong to make pick-offs. For those of you who want to try it, you can really try to build this Chou Support item belonging to R7.

Build Chou Support R7

Build Chou R7
source: YT RRQ R7

  • Emblem: Pull Yourself Together
  • Spell: Flicker

Build Items

  • Tough Boots
  • Cursed Helmet
  • Dominance Ice
  • Radiant Armor
  • Blade Armor
  • ???

Of course the emblem used by Support, here R7 uses Pull Yourself Together, where this emblem will reduce the Battle Spell cooldown by 15%. Of course it’s suitable for Flicker Chou because it can often be used to kidnap enemies.

The first item has a resist shoe to reduce the opponent’s CC, it can be replaced by another shoe depending on the situation.

Next, of course, there is the Cursed Helmet as the second item, where you need this to clear the minions quickly.

Dominance against anti-regen heroes like Esmeralda. Radiant to fight Mage poke damage heroes like Yve and others. You can use Blade Armor to counter basic Marksman attack heroes like Claude and others.

The last item can be situational, it can be Immortality for the late game or Athena Shield if the opponent has a large magic damage burst.

Those are the tips for playing Chou in the latest Mobile Legends meta, it turns out that you can use the Support emblem!

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