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Tips for Playing Aldous Exp Lane Mobile Legends, To Be Strong Early and Late Game

You want to learn Aldous offlaner? Here are tips for playing Aldous in the Mobile Legends exp lane that you should know to be strong in the early and late games.

As we know that Aldous is the most terrible late game hero in Mobile Legends, he can kill enemies in just 1 attack.

But playing he can’t just play carelessly, especially for Aldous exp lane. Now about that, SPIN Esports has tips for playing Aldous correctly in the exp lane so that he is strong in the early and late games of Mobile Legends.

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Frequently Cut Minions & Rotate to Mid

Aldous ml

The first and most important tip is that you often cut your opponent’s minions, because usually your opponent is guarding directly on the lane and then freezes your lane.

Now the best solution is to immediately cut the opponent’s minion, after that, then rotate to the mid to take the mid minion but have permission to your midlaner hero.

Try to Get Kill

aldous mobile legends ml
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The second tip is to try to kill as much as possible, even if you have to sacrifice your life but if you can kill it’s okay.

Because when you can kill with skill 1 stack it can multiply many times so that your Aldous will be faster.

Don’t depend too much on the Minions in your lane

Hero fighter op mobile legends
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Lastly, never rely on minions in your lane, for example, if your opponent freezes your lane, you can’t do anything.

You must rotate to the middle lane or ask for help to farm a few forest monsters.

Those are some tips that you have to do to play Aldous exp lane so that he is strong in the early and late games of Mobile Legends.

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