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Tips for Joining War When Using Dyrroth in Mobile Legends

You must know these tips for joining the war when using Dyrroth Mobile Legends. Who said Dyrroth is not a war hero? You can prove it right now.

Dyrroth is one of the fighter heroes who is dubbed the best fighter in 1 vs 1 dealings with opponents or by1.

His solo kill ability is terrible, even the average fighter hero in Mobile Legends is all countered by Dyrroth.

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However, many players think that Dyrroth is not a war hero aka team fight, when used this war hero is very weak. When in fact the assumption is wrong, if you understand the following tips for joining the war when using Dyrroth Mobile Legends.

Don’t just enter the war

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These tips are never to just enter a war or team fight, Dyrroth is a typical hero who when he enters a war, getting out of the war is very difficult.

Because Dyrroth’s 2nd skill which becomes his mobility has a very short distance. So that when one enters the war, Dyrroth will find it difficult to get out and even be killed easily by the opponent.

So the tips are to enter the war at the right time, you have to hide first and pay attention to the condition of the team fight. When all the cc skills from the opponent have been issued, then you enter the war.

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Then it is guaranteed that all enemies will die instantly, because Dyrroth’s 1 and 3 skills have considerable damage and are difficult to avoid.

Those are important tips for using Dyrroth to join the war in Mobile Legends, you could say it’s similar to playing Zilong.

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