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Tips for Entering the PUBG Mobile Erangel Metro Royale Subway Station!

Currently the Erangel map is being entered into the Metro Royale Event which takes place from the beginning of Season 16 until now.

In this event, players will be able to find new features that accompany your war, and provide a more exciting experience than the usual Erangel.

On this Erangel Event Metro Royale map you will be able to find a door to get into the underground station, and loot and move places.

Well, inside the station you can find Librarian monsters, and also sometimes the Radiation Zone is active, which will reduce your blood slowly.

Here are our tips for those of you who often enter the Erangel metro royale station!

Tips for Getting into Erangel Metro Royale Underground Station!

Bring Complete Weapons

To fight underground monsters, you need quite a lot of damage, so you need to carry lots of bullets, and at least 2 weapons.

The damage given by Librarians is also quite large, so as much as possible you must quickly kill this monster before your blood runs out.

Join Your Squad!

If you know, down there there are monsters waiting, don’t attack first and wait for at least 1 of your friends to arrive at the station.

For your information, you cannot enter the underground station at the same time, so you have to take turns. So be patient.

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Fill Your Energy Before Entering!

Under the station there is sometimes a radiation zone that makes your blood decrease slowly. To reduce blood loss quickly, drink an energy drink or painkiller before entering.

Because when you get to the bottom, you can go to war with monsters or meet other players.

Ensure Enemy Existence

Do not enter the station when you know that there are enemies down there, because believe it or not you will die in seconds.

People at the station will be aware that someone else has entered, because a very loud sound is heard at the door.

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So, those are some tips if you want to enter the metro royale station in the metro exodus collaboration event this time!

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