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Tips, Builds and Guides to Play Selena Mobile Legends

Background Stroy Selena
South of the Moniyan Empire lies an underground abyss, etched into this barren landscape as if an ancient demon used its sharpest blade to carve a destructive scar into the Land of Dawn. People called it the Shadow Abyss. Hidden at the bottom of this legendary abyss lies the most terrible demon in the Land of Dawn – the Abyss Dominator. But as the seal slowly faded, the will of the abyss gradually grew stronger. The demons at the bottom of the abyss tirelessly plot plots to amplify the forces of darkness, persuading errant believers to make sacrifices for their cause. They used this sacrifice to feed the ‘Abyss Devil’,

a monster formed from the purest dark energy waiting in the darkness to devour its prey. Selena, a young Dark Elf, is sacrificed to the Shadow Abyss by fanatics in exchange for dark energy, and since the Elf is the Abyss Devil’s favorite victim, Selena is instantly killed by the demon. The Abyss Devil crazily drilled into Selena, pain and despair spreading to every corner of the young Elf girl’s body. Just as she was about to be consumed by dark magic, a mircle occurred – a warm blue light enveloped the girl, and this terrifying dark magic and mystical power began to ignite the battle of the sabage within her fragile young body. Selena awoke to find herself lying in the depths of the abyss, her skin now a mysterious blue tone and her lavender eyes filled with red light, with the Abyss Demon lying quietly beside her. Abyaa’s demons are busy wondering what just happened. Little did they know, the will of the Abyss had arrived.

This girl was deeply loved, and this love had protected her from being consumed by darkness. Abyss and moon god – these two opposing forces had reached a balance within his body. An ancient, excited voice resounds in the minds of the demons, leave these girls to me. He would become the strongest warrior of the Shadow Abyss! Satan obeyed the command of the abyss and left it there. When Selena reappeared before the demon dwellers of the abyss, with the Abyss Demon at her side, she completely forgot her past. He discovered that he could skillfully manipulate the abyss to release dark magic, a demon capable of destroying his enemies. Shadow Abyss’s will designates it as its voice, making it his duty to rule over the bad guys. Even the proud Queen of Blood Magic began to feel dispirited when she saw this young Dark Elf Girl, not only because the abyss had chosen her, but also because Alice could sense the terrifying power that lay within this cute and mischievous looking youth.

• Burst Damage
• Has the longest Stun Skill up to 4.5 seconds
• Ultimate cooldown is very short

• Weak against Crowd Control
• Difficult to play this Hero

Selena’s Quotes
“When you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes back.”
“Why does the moon seem so warm to me?”
“This little lady is the will of the Abyss.”
“Come to the Dark Abyss and I will lead you to victory”
“Sure, there are ugly demons in the abyss but there are also gorgeous elves like me.”
“Do you think… umm… I should dye my hair blue?”
“I’ll give you a chance to join my fan club.”
“I only have time for handsome guys.”
“Pew pew.”
“Ding dong.”
“Haha! No one can escape me!”
“Defy the Abyss and face a fate worse than death!”
“A body tempered in flames, a heart like the Abyss.”
“Fools eventually die from stupidity!”
“Don’t order me around, unless you’re tired of living!”
“I love the feeling of tearing an enemy into shreds.”
“Ready to experience the thrill of demonic transformation?”

Selena’s Skills

Symbiosis – Passive
Selena can change into two forms. In Elven form, each skill will give the enemy an Abyssal Mark (when the Abyssal Trap hits the enemy, 1 Mark will be given immediately) up to a maximum of 2 Abyssal Marks. In the form of Abyssal, every skill that hits the enemy will use 1 Mark to give an additional 290-500 (+ 40% Magic Power) magic damage.

Elven Mode

Abyssal Trap – 1st Skill
Selena summoned the Abyssal Devil at the designated location. When the enemy approaches, the Abyssal Devil will deal 350(+150% Magic Power) magic damage and reduce their movement speed by 40% for 2 seconds. Selena can summon up to 3 Abyssal Devils, and damage to the same target will be reduced. Selena can take this Trap to detonate near the enemy, she will not take any damage.

Abyssal Arrow – 2nd Skill
Fires an Abyssal arrow in the specified direction. Enemies hit will receive 250(+20% Magic Power) – 500(+40% Magic Power) magic damage and are stunned for 0.5-4.5 seconds. Damage and stun duration increase according to the distance the arrow is flying. This arrow can pull an Abyssal Trap that is all the way towards the target (it will stop when it hits another Trap).

Primal Darkness – Ultimate
Selena enters Abyssal form and gains an additional 30% movement speed for a while. In this form, he can use the Abyssal skill and his usual attacks get bonus (+25% Magic Power) magic damage.

Abyssal Mode

Soul Eater – 1st Skill
Uses Abyssal power to deal an additional 300(+110% Magic Power) magic damage on the next attack, while getting a shield that withstands 300(+100% Magic Power) damage.

Garrote – 2nd Skill
Charges in the specified direction, dealing 150(+50% Magic Power) magic damage to all enemies along the way. If this skill triggers the Abyssal Mark, the cooldown of this skill will immediately reset.

Blessing of the Moon God Ultimate
Returns Selena to Elven form. Gives an additional 30% movement speed for a while, and restores his Elven skill.

Emblem Set

Battle Spell

Recommendation Build

Tips Play Selena
1. This hero is one of the hardest heroes, so first learn how to use it so you get used to it. This is because Selene has 6 active skills.

2. Selena’s Ulti cooldown is very short, often use this skill to get a moment’s Movement Speed.

3. I don’t know if it’s a bug or what, if you use Ultimate then the Skill you just used will be reset. So, for example, if you use an Ulti, the available active skills will be reset even though they have just been used. Take advantage of this by often using 1st and 2nd before using Ulti.

4. Before doing Gank, first use the Abyssal Trap from a distance far enough to be stunned for up to 4 seconds. After the target is stunned, immediately attack the target until it dies.

5. Always look at the use of Mark on nearby opponents, this is so that you can take advantage of Skills that affect Mark such as the example of using the Garrote Skill.

6. The use of the Garrote Skill is more effective if the enemy has not been hit by Mark, this is done so that the Skill can be used 2 times like Lancelot’s 1st Skill.

7. Combo Skill when in Elven form 2-3-1-2-3-1. This combo can be done if the Abyssal Trap hits the opponent.