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Tips, Builds and Guides to Play Saber Mobile Legends

Background Stroy
The 1718 Lab is located in the giant planar cabin of a space rift where scientists from all over the world gather. They are devoted to creating stronger and more advanced human beings. Gathering the DNA of swordsmasters from hundreds of different races, they created the ultimate swordsman using advanced technology and named him Saber. His sword can rip holes in space-time, allowing him to travel to either place or time. His skills as a swordsman made him hard to beat, and also very lonely. After countless challengers were pulled into the land of dawn, Saber also turned his gaze to this place, tearing through the fabric of space and time to set foot on the land of dawn and find an opponent worthy enough to face him.

• Versatile Assassin
• Best gank heroes
• The best stealer hero

• HP is quite small
• Weak against CC

Saber Quotes
– “Kill! All! At! Once!”
“Too slow!”
“I’m a man with sad stories.”
“Watch your head!”
“Move like wind, be steady like a rock.”
“Channel your energy, and master your enemy.”
“There is no swordsmanship that I can’t master!”
“I need a worthy opponent!”
“No hint of fear”
“Killing without trace”
“Nothing can stop me!”
“Full Throttle!”
“Don’t get in my way!”

Saber Skills

Enemy’s Bane – Passive
Each attack will reduce the target’s armor by 7 points, can be stacked 5 times. This effect lasts for 5 seconds.

Flying Sword – 1st Skill
Takes out 4 flying swords, each of which can cause up to 160(+90% Physical Attack) points of physical damage. The swords will fly around Saber for a while and return after a while. Using the Charge skill will draw the swords back early. These swords will also deal damage to enemies when pulled back. (This skill only gets 40% of the spell-vamp effect)

Charge – 2nd Skill
Crashes in the specified direction, dealing 80(+40% Physical Attack) points of physical damage to all enemies it passes.

Triple Sweep – Ultimate
Attacks enemy heroes and takes them into the air with 3 consecutive attacks. Each attack causes 200(+130% Physical Attack) points of physical damage to the hero.

Emblem Set

Battle Spell

Recommendation Build

Tips Play Saber
1. Take Buff and focus on Farming if your team only has 1 Assassin, namely Saber or solo lane.

2. Frequently spam 1st Skill to make the opponent take damage and decrease armor. This is because the Passive Saber can lower the opponent’s armor if hit. 1st Skill will hurt more if it is very close to the target.

3. 2nd Skill can also attack the opponent or run away from the opponent, use the Skill according to the conditions.

4. Before using the Ultimate Hero key first so you don’t get the wrong target. Aim for the enemy Cary Hero who is usually in the back row.

5. If possible, before using Ultimate, hit the target with 1st Skill first. This is to make the opponent hit by a decrease in armor, and it would be better if the sword unit was still flying, immediately use Ultimate so that the sword unit returned immediately.

6. Keep in mind, if you want to pick up your opponent there must be help from the team. At least one person is enough, this is done so that the targeted Hero does not escape.