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Tips, Builds and Guides to Play Roger Mobile Legends

Background Stroy Roger
Roger lives outside the dark forest to the east of the Megalith Wasteland. Although a humble hunter, he was rich in experience, and made a living. Many dangerous animals live in the dark forest, but the most terrifying among them is not a rare magical creature, but the old wolf king “White Tooth” who leads a pack of wolves, a hundred strong. They are merciless pack hunters, and White Tooth also receives the dark blessings of evil forces, awakening magical abilities within him. In order to fulfill their hunting needs, the wolves gradually began to roam outside the dark forest boundaries, often attacking tourists on the way. In the spirit of justice, Roger plans to get rid of this public threat and track White Tooth’s steps. Roger was caught and White Tooth was blinded while he was devouring a little girl, and cut off the wolf’s belly. Roger had defeated White Tooth, but the evil forces hiding within White Tooth polluted the hunters. “Even the purest of heart, a man who never forgets to say his prayers at night, will not be able to avoid turning into a werewolf under the full moon.” Under the call of the moon, Roger was surprised to learn the old legend was true. He had become a werewolf. In order to avoid losing his mind while changing and damaging his family, Roger had no choice but to flee far from his home.

• Two roles namely Fighter/Marksman
• Includes Hero Cary
• Excellent in Late Game

• Waste of mana
• Weak in Early Game

Roger’s Quotes
“I see lots of prey!”
“A gun is not my only weapon!”
“I am not alone in this fight!”
“I feel a strange power…course through my body!”
“You! will also be cursed!”
“Test the might of my bullet!”
“You can’t get away!”
“I detect the scent of prey.”
“My power…is fading…”


full Moom Curse – Passive
In human form, normal attacks will reduce movement speed by 20%. In the form of a wolf, normal attacks add bonus damage according to the enemy’s HP that has been reduced (maximum additional damage of 60 points on jungle monsters).

Human Mode

Full Bore – 1st Skill
Shoots twice quickly, dealing a total of 300(+120% Physical Attack) physical damage. The first shot will slow down the enemy, the second shot reduces their defense by 10 points.

Hunter Steps – 2nd Skill
Increases movement speed by 50% for 2.5 seconds.

Wolf TransformationUltimate
Jumps forward and turns into a wolf, dealing 200(+100% Physical Attack) physical damage and reducing enemy movement speed by 90% for 1.5 seconds. The wolf form will increase the hero’s physical and magic defense by 25 points and his movement speed by 25 points.

Wolf Transformation Mode

Lycan Pounce – 1st Skill
Jumps to the specified location, dealing 300(+120% Physical Attack) physical damage to 3 nearby enemies and cannot be attacked while jumping. Kill or assist reduces the cooldown of this skill by 80%.

Bloodthristy Howl – 2nd Skill
Releases a howl that increases attack speed by 15% for 4 seconds. During this time, if an enemy whose HP is below 40% is seen by the hero, his movement speed will increase by 50%. Attacks on enemies while in wolf form will increase the duration of this effect.
Restore Human From – Ultimate
Rolls in the specified direction and transforms into a human, getting a shield that can absorb 200(+200% Physical Attack) for 1.5 seconds.

Emblem Set

Battle Spell

Recommendation Build

Tips Play Roger
1. At the beginning of the game, focus on Jungling and Clear Lane. This aims to strengthen the Hero when entering the Late Game.

2. Roger has 2 modes, namely human mode suitable for avoiding or escaping from enemies. And Wolf mode fits in War.

3. When in Wolf mode, before attacking the opponent, first use 2nd Skill to hurt Basic Attack. Then use the 1st Skill according to your own conditions or wishes. Also 2nd Skill is very effective for chasing opponents who are dying.

4. Never – ever Open War first, Roger will be more effective as Hero Cary so wait for Tank Open War first.

5. When in Wolf mode, use Combo 3-2 Skill to escape from the pursuit of nearby enemies.

6. If the war has started, don’t enter the war, wait for 3-5 seconds before entering the war. This is done in order to avoid the opponent’s Ultimate while in war.