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Tips, Builds and Guides to Play Lyla Mobile Legends

Background Story Layla
Layla’s world lived in full force called Malefic Energy, a savage and unruly energy that caused all living things it came into contact with to lose their minds and become extremely vicious. This energy had annihilated her entire world, until one day Layla’s father found a way to use a gun forged from magic iron from deep within the earth to absorb and control Malefic Energy. Unfortunately, he absorbs too much energy during the forging process and dies, but not before delivering the finished weapon to Layla in hopes that it will stop the spread of Malefic Energy.

Advantages And Deficiency Layla


• Easy to use even for beginners
• Basic Attack range is far
• Can destroy the Turrent without taking damage from the Turrent
• Very strong in Late Game

• Easy to pick up
• No Blink-type Skills
• Very weak in Early Game

Quotes Layla
“We can do it!”
“Keep it up, until you are as brilliant as me!”
“I will drive away the darkness.”
“Time to die!”

Layla’s Skills

Malefic Gun – Passive Skill

Basic attacks and abilities will deal more damage to ranged-type targets, increasing from 100% to 130% at most.

Malefic Bomb – 1st Skill
Fires an Energy Bomb forward which will deal 200/240/280/320/360/400 Physical Damage to the first enemy hit.

Void Projectile – 2nd Skill
Shoots an energy ball that explodes at the enemy target’s leg, dealing 170/200/230/260/290/320 Physical Damage to the target and nearby enemies, also slowing them 60% for 2 seconds. The range of this ability will increase with level.

Destruction Rush – Ultimate
Fires an Energy Cannon that deals 500/650/800 Physical Damage to enemies in front of it. Every time this skill is upgraded it will increase the basic attack distance by 0.4

Emblem Set

Battle Spell

Recommendation Build Layla

Tips Play Layla

1. At the beginning of the game focus on raising the level and Gold. Exp and Gold can be obtained by Clear lane, Jungle, Destroy Turrent and Assist/kill.

2. Skill 2 has a CC effect, namely Slow, use this effect to make the opponent unable to escape or avoid being chased by the enemy.

3. As the level increases, Layla’s attack distance also increases so that she can attack the Turrent without being hit by the Turrent attack area.

4. The further away the Ultimate user is, the greater the damage received by the opponent.

5. Always be careful not to get caught, because Layla is very easy to kill because she doesn’t have a Blink Skill. Suggestions are always at the back of the team.

6. Don’t be stingy with using Ultimate, let alone use it at the end. If you are in war, use Ultimate in the middle of the battle.