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Tips, Builds and Guides to Play Lunox Mobile Legends

Lunox is a Mage-type Hero Mobile Legends with its uniqueness, which is that it has 4 active skills like Zhask. Lunox also has 2 Modes namely Brilliance and Darkness, these Modes can affect Ultimate Lunox. So this Hero will make you confused at the beginning because of the change in these 2 modes.

Advantages And Deficiency Lunox

• Has high Bust Damage
• With Ulti, Lunox is able to attack without getting hit
• Mana Usage is quite low

• It’s a bit difficult to play Hero this
• Cannot switch Brilliance/Darkening mode quickly when having 2 Twilight stacks on one side.

Quotes Lunox Mobile Legends
“Come and join me, in my dream world.”
-” I think I’ve met you in one of my dreams.”
“I’m willing to sacrifice myself, for this world I love.”
“Why does the violence never end?”
“Balance is the only truth.”
“Who knows if this is actually just a dream?”
“I’ve been away for too long and forgotten who I was.”
“You can’t have order without chaos.”

Skills Lunox Mobile Legends

Dreamland Twist – Passive

Lunox doesn’t get the usual Cooldown Reduction effect. If he is in Darkening state, the CD Reduction effect will be changed to Magic Penetration. Meanwhile, if he is in a state of Brilliance, the CD Reduction effect will be changed to Magic Resistance.

Starlight Pulse – 1st Skill
Lunox showers surrounding enemies with balls of light, dealing magic damage. These orbs will return to Lunox and recover 60(+20% Magic Power) HP. The recovery effect is doubled when it hits an enemy hero.
Passive effect: Gain 1 stack of Twilight to Brilliance with every use.

Chaos Greetings – 2nd Skill
Lunox fires energy projectiles at a specified enemy in a fan-shaped radius, dealing magic damage to the enemy it hits and slowing it down. Enemy heroes will receive additional damage of 3% of their total HP as Magic Damage. Passive Effect: Gains 1 stack of Twilight to Darkening with each use.

Cosmic Fission – 3rd Skill
Lunox releases energy waves in the fan area and deals magic damage points to all enemies it hits and slows them down by 60%.

Power of Order: Brilliance/Power of Chaos: Darkening – Ultimate
Power of Order: Brilliance
Lunox turns into a ball of light for 3 seconds and deals magic damage every 0.5 seconds to all nearby enemies. When this skill is active, Lunox cannot be attacked.

Power of Chaos: Darkening
Lunox moves in the specified direction, dealing magic damage to all surrounding enemies. After that, for the next 4 seconds Chaos Assault has no Cooldown.

Emblem Set

Battle Spell

Recommendation Build

Tips Play Lunox

1. Lunox has two types, namely Brilliance and Darkening, first know the type from the status bar below the HP bar. If the yellow color is Brilliance while the purple is Darkening

2. Skill 1 Lunox has an area attack against his opponent, good for attacking more than one opponent. As for Skill 2 has an attack for a single target, good for attacking a single target.

3. Skills 1 and 2 have very short Cooldowns, but if you use Skill 1 then Skill 2 will follow the Cooldown, and vice versa. Use Skill 1 or 2 in the right conditions, namely for opponents who use Skill 1 a lot while for single targets use Skill 2.

4. Skill 3 Lunox has a function to deal damage as well as slow to his opponent. Often – often use this Skill to trouble the opponent.

5. In Ultimate Brilliance mode Lunox is very useful for attacking or escaping because Lunox will not be able to be attacked in this Ulti mode.

6. In Darkening Mode, Ultimate Lunox is able to do Blink and Damage at the same time for Skill 2 users, there will be no Cooldown. So that Lunox can do a 2-4-2-2 Skill combo that is suitable in 1 vs 1 battles.