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Tips, Builds and Guides to Play Karrie Mobile Legends

Karrie is one of the Hero Marksman in Mobile Legends who is the main choice in Rank. Even now Hero Karrie is on the rise thanks to Meta now. Not only in Ranked, Karrie is also the main choice in several country contests though. This hero is known as a Tanker Killer because of his Passive Skill, which if the target’s HP is bigger, the more damage Karrie produces. Here are some advantages, disadvantages, Quotes, Skills, Set Emblems, Battle Spells, Build and Tips for Playing Hero Karrie Mobile Legend.

Advantages and Deficiency Karrie Mobile Legends


• Tanker Killers
• Very agile MM thanks to Skill 2
• High Bust Damage

• Weak defense
• Very weak against opponent’s CC
• Easy to Gank

Quotes Karrie Mobile Legends
– “I’ve been waiting for too long.”
“Speed, precision and strength!”
“Keep up the rhythm!”
“One strike, one kill!”
“Faster and faster!”

Skills Karrie Mobile Legends

lightwheel Mark – Passive Skill

Adds Lightwheel Mark to enemies with every normal attack or skill. When the Lightwheel Mark reaches 5 stacks on the target, it becomes a lightwheel that pierces the target and deals 7-13% true damage of the target’s maximum HP. Maximum additional damage for jungle monsters is 300 damage.

Spinning lightwheel – 1st Skill (Damage, CC)
Releases a flying wheel that stops at the target location, dealing 200 Physical Damage along the way and slowing the hit enemies by 80%, then dealing 100 physical damage to enemies around the target location and slowing them down as well.

Phantomstep – 2nd Skill (Blinks)
Advances in the specified direction while releasing the Flywheel at the nearest enemy, dealing 150 Physical Damage. Releases 2 Flywheels while using Ultimate Skill.

Speedy lightwheel – Ultimate (Buff)
Enters dual wield mode for 6 seconds, increases Movement Speed ​​and releases 2 Lightwheels as a normal attack, but each attack only deals 50% damage and Attack Speed ​​is reduced by 20%.

Emblem Set

Battle Spell

Recommendation Build

Tips Play Hero Karrie
1. Karrie is a Hero with an MM role so at the beginning of the match focus on Jungle, Clear Lane, Push Turrent and try not to die often.

2. Always remember with Karrie’s Passive Skill, the fifth attack from this Hero will always deal additional damage from the Passive Skill. Use this Skill effect by combining it with an Item Build that is exactly the same as the example of the Lightning Belt item.

3. Karrie’s 1st skill not only serves to attack the target, but also functions to escape from the enemy. If while being chased by an opponent, use Skill 1 against the opponent so that the friend is affected by the Slow effect.

4. Skill 2 Karrie is the main skill of this Hero, because this skill is not only for Blink but can also attack the opponent at once. Use this skill if when attacking an opponent the target is hit by a higher damage, don’t forget to use this skill combo with Ultimate.

5. When you attack your opponent often – often use Ultimate so that Karrie’s damage is more pronounced. Combined with Combo Skill 3-1-2, Karrie’s Passive Skill will continue to be active.

6. For Meta now Hero Karrie is more suitable to use Build Busrt Damage compared to Build Attack Speed. Because Karrie really depends on her Basic Attack and Skill 2.

7. Don’t forget to always keep your distance from your opponent, especially for Hero Assassins. When attacking enemy heroes, always use Ultimate and then Skill 2 continuously, because only with this combo Karrie can easily kill the opposing Hero even if it is a Tank Hero.