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Tips, Builds and Guides to Play Kaja Mobile Legends

Background Story

The Celestial Palace, the home of the gods, was once a city of disappearance patrolled by countless Nazar guardians. Any demon that dared to approach the city would be overwhelmed by its incomparable flying speed and bound by a terrifying lightning whip that would strip their victim of all magical abilities. No demons could escape while being chased by these divine warriors, and thus eternal peace was maintained in the Heavenly Palace. As their leader, Kaja is able to refine the power of lightning into pure energy to control what he wants, inflict massive damage to all enemies that confront him, and is charged with directly protecting the city’s rulers. Countless thousands of years ago, after the ruler completed the creation of a mayor and left, the city gradually fell into a state of ruin. When Uranus was activated, the lord of the Celestial Palace handed Nazar new orders to expel the evil demons from the city and rebuild the Celestial Palace in anticipation of his master’s return.

Quotes Kaja

MmhpI am the power of light incarnate.”

“Witness the power of pure lightning.”

“You shall not even have the opportunity to tremble.”

“There’s nowhere for you to run, nowhere you can hide”

“Uranus, let us begin.”

“It’s good to see you, Rafaela.”

“Wherever I go! The dawn follows!”

“Demon, there’s nowhere for you to run.”

“There’s nowhere for you to run.”

“Ugh… Justice.. never.. dies..”

Is a type of Hero Tank / Support
Agile for Hero Tank/Support
Have AOE Skills and Buff
Can kidnap enemy heroes

The Skill Set doesn’t show as a Hero Tank/Support
Wrong target when using ultimate can result fatal


Eye of the Storm – Passive
Kaja gets a 40% Movement Speed ​​bonus when attacked by an opposing hero. This bonus will fade for 1 second and can happen once every 5 seconds.

Ring of Order – 1st Skill
Kaja released a circle of electricity around him that would expand and contract rapidly. Enemies hit will receive magic damage and their movement speed will be reduced by 30%. After that, Kaja will fire an electric shock to the closest target hit by the circle to produce magic damage every 0.6 seconds, and this damage will increase for every electric shock the target receives.

Gale Force – 2nd Skill
Kaja shoots in the designated direction, dealing magic damage to all enemies he hits. When during Charge Kaja hits a team unit. he can shoot again in the direction of movement on the player’s analog control while providing a shield to himself and the hero for 8% of Kaja’s maximum HP, besides that he also gets a 10% movement speed bonus.

Divine Judgment – Ultimate
Kaja binds the target hero, dealing magic damage and immobilizing him for 2 seconds. In this duration, the hero can be brought by Kaja in the desired direction, and his Magic Resistance will be reduced by 10 points. Kaja also gains 2 Magic Resistance for each point.

Emblem Set

Battle Spell


Tips Play

1. Kaja is a Tank/Support Hero, so it would be better if it was set with another Hero combo. Like

2. Spam 1st Skill to make the opponent hassle.

3. Try to use the 2nd Skill pointing at the allied Hero in order to maximize the effect of this skill.

4. In using Ultimate, aim at the enemy Cary Hero. Don’t get the wrong target like pulling the Tank hero.

5. War tactics: use 2nd Skill to jump towards the back of the enemy, then after that use Ultimate to the opponent’s Hero Cary. After being caught, pull back up to the ally’s collar while spamming 1st Skill.